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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2492 comments in total)
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Guidenet: Yeah, dump the typical DSLR for a Nikon DF or Fuji XPro2 et al. I can wear it with my Faux Giorgio Armani Hong Kong suit and a Bolex wrist watch and really impress the ladies. Hubba hubba! What you wear is more important than the photographs you make. Give me that retro look.

Guidenet doesn't make moronic comments - (whatever "moronic" is supposed to mean in your world).

I don't remotely share his OTT (but possibly tongue in cheek?) view that everyone buying a Fuji, or a Nikon Df, is only buying it for the hipster retro look. But I don't think there's too much to be argued about that the marketing peeps have used that as a marketing tool? More power to their elbows, if it makes selling really good cameras a bit cheaper for the rest of us who don't care about our personal body language...

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On article CP+ 2016: Pentax K-1 past and present (152 comments in total)
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KL Matt: The amount of positive, almost glowing K-1 coverage on DPR now is just astounding! The first blurbs sounded like the angle they were taking was: 1. Mock Pentax for taking 15 years to bring the K1 to market, 2. pan this landscape camera for lacking blazing fast AF tracking, and 3. proceed to pair the highest resolution DSLR Pentax has ever made with the very worst legacy manual focus prime Pentax has ever made and complain about the results. Interesting to see this about-face! No idea what to expect in the review. But it's almost like DPR actually gets the significance of the camera and what its intended purpose is now (i.e.: this is not a sports shooter, nor is it a camera made for manual focussing with the optical finder).

I was surprised to be reminded that Nikon bodies can't beep when manual focus is achieved. I did know that it can be set to beep on the Pentax dslrs I've used - K10, K7 - mainly because I found it so irritating that I always turn it off!

I also know - for me, this is a very individual thing - that manual focus on my Nikon FF bodies (700, Df) has always been easier than mf on any APS-C body from either Nikon or Pentax. On the other hand, I've never found mf on the single Cannon I've tried - 5D - to be at all easy.

The ease of MF on Pentax FF is the thing I'm most interested in (I do have a lot of old lenses). I'm not up for a K1 - size/weight only, it does look to be a very fine camera. I'm awaiting the next Pentax FF body with real interest - if it can match say the Df for size and weight, I'll probably get one. I just hope it isn't another 15 years!

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On article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review (2674 comments in total)
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Anastigmat: The DSLR market has been declining for a couple years because FF prices have been stubbornly high due to lack of competition and people are not upgrading to APS-C cameras as much as they used to. This camera will likely shake up the market. Canon and Nikon have to respond to such an attractive camera at such a reasonable price. Even if you don't plan to buy it, you can still benefit because it will force Canon and Nikon to give their users more value and lower prices.

Not sure if I'm replying to Guidenet or Anastigmat, but here goes:

"Canon and Nikon have to respond to such an attractive camera at such a reasonable price."

No, sorry but I don't think they do. The K-1 is a very long overdue response to the Canikon FF ranges, and I believe it's a really clever entry point from Pentax at upper end of the FF game. But I believe that the onus is still very strongly on Pentax/Ricoh to add additional FF bodies to compete with the Canikon range at the slightly lower specs available. Not least to do with weight and size. That's quite important these days.

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