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Nukunukoo: Hypersmooth. Hype. Fact is, electronic stabilization removes details as it crops (unless the capture is bigger than 4K) and won't perform well at all under low-shutter, low light situations. What exactly did the H7 bring?

"They just repackaged the previous model and added software." I'm sure they will let you send in your previous GoPro for a software update (cost, $400...) :)

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GoPro need to sack their CEO (which wont happen as he is the majority shareholder). GoPro 7Black is a nice iteration but 7Silver is just a 5 ie 4K/30, and 7White is like a $50 clone. Their 7Black stabilization video shows how bad the 6 stablization was... which means how bad the 7Silver is likely to be.

In summary, 7Black is overpriced, and the 7Silver/White underspecced. Putting the advanced stabilization in all versions could have made GoPro a success in 4Q18, now they will just survive...

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GabrielZ: The first I’ve heard of this brand. And by the looks of it...keep away! As in the comments here, their customer service is awful! That’s a red flag for me. Despite the apparent good value for money with this device.

Its the brand behind quads like the Blade 350 from a few years back. Fell behind DJI, but still a decent player. Likely the Mantis will replace their Breeze 4K which is a DJI Spark alternative and still fine for 1080 and web-usable stills. No gimble stabilization, just electronic.

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xchaotic: omg I kept reading, assuming it's some sort of Chinese brand at $199 level, but instead it costs as much as the rx100!!! No way!!!

Battery is included at $700 but not in the "camera body as a spare part" at $400. I quite like the idea of a fixed lens, snorkel-capable RX100r. But cheaper to get a housing for my RX100ii...

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xchaotic: omg I kept reading, assuming it's some sort of Chinese brand at $199 level, but instead it costs as much as the rx100!!! No way!!!

From - dont forget the battery too!

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JT26: Can someone just confirm if this is waterproof without the housing? Understand the housing must let it go further down but what is the rating without housing at all?

Love a 30 ish MM 1 inch sensor cam...

18m apparently without the housing.

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I think they should initially just replace the DSLR gubbins with mirrorless.
- Exploit the only advantages they have: brand and lens ecosystem.
- Extend the lens mount with a mirrorless only mechanism (allowing lenses that only mount on the mirrorless versions) that allows lenses to extend into the mirror box to reduce lens sizes, but wont mount on the legacy DSLRs.

Only once they've caught up on the electronics, consider a reduced register mount to enable a new generation of mirrorless only lenses, probably on the consumer versions initially...

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Bizarre - no info about Karma grip compatibility?

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Any competitors with built-in waterproofing? That seems to be the new Hero's USP. Not sure its worth 2x the cost of the Yi 4K Lite though...

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Barleyman: I love my GoPro, Hero3. But that is the issue. I have no need to get anything better, of higher resolution. Their original product met the needs of the level of video I wanted. Why go 4K? So expensive to process, and store. I wish them well, truly, but always seemed like a one trick pony...

I like my GoPro Hero 3 too but the idea of 60fps 1080 with digital stabilization justifed a 5 Session for me. Then again the Mobius Mini looks good enough for some jobs!

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Might be nice but note:
- no water resistance let alone proofing!
- no idea what the bitrates or likely required memory card capacity needs are!
Looking forward to version 2 with some water resistance, and some reviews indicating what sort of bitrates this uses...

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Ayoh: Now since the A9 is supposedly the flagship model can Sony please provide a firmware updated which enables the same new software features found in the a7riii? like S-log and play memories in the least but multi-shot stitching as well?

Also, it is pretty disappointing they could not put the high-speed mechanical shutter, USB-C and 14bit continuous shooting modes in the A9 to begin with.

Seems quite stupid to cripple your top camera

"Seems quite stupid to cripple your top camera". They didn't "cripple" anything, just introduced some better features on the next camera. If you don't like continuous technology advancements you need to move back to film photography!

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mclaren777: I'm disappointed to see that GoPro didn't also announce a Hero6 Session. :(

Probably some size / power / heat limit with the new processor. 4K-60 isnt too important for most folk though. Other disappointments:
1. No Karma mount for the Session.
2. No Apple style price drop for the older tech.

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Tamron still not activated the VC option for Sony A users even though most buyers must be using LA-EA2/4 on Sony A7/5000 etc E/EF cameras?

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dgc4rter: Well, at least I have a reason to keep my D7000 now. Won't be cancelling the Sony NEX-7 pre-order either.

Casual P&S photographers will want something cheaper, enthusiasts will want something better.

Sorry Nikon.

Yep - many owners of older DSLRs in this boat. If Nikon had produced something like a NEX that took a Nikon lens AF adapter, then they would have been shiney.
Sad fact is that developing lenses for this will distract development for their DSLRs. Slippery slope for Nikon?

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