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  • Funny thing about these threads is it becomes obvious who has had any experience with a medium format system and who has not. The GFX is so far and above my XF stuff (my bread and butter) and my FF ...
  • Figure I’d chime in since I also own an early V. I do experience a bit of heat but nothing uncomfortable, most notable when I record 4K. I was able to record the full ten minutes of video, and ...
  • Understanding the design, innovation and history of early camera manufacturing takes you right to that “box” I posted. Leica did not invent the rectangular shaped camera. Despite what they would ...
  • Tourist Mutiple, 1913 How far down this rabbit hole would you like to go?
  • Yet the two i have purchased are perfectly fine, and have been absolutely flawless. The issues being reported are extremely small compared to perfectly working units  There are almost always ...
  • Ask your doctor to up your meds.
  • Nobody that has ever shot digital medium format for any period of time would say what you are saying. I cross shoot across every format mentioned in your post, and it’s not even close. APS-C has...

  • The woman in the tenth pic is extremely excited for the X-Pro3.

  • Replied in Eos R EVF
    What a load of nonsense. The issues with the c100mkii are well documented and can be found using google. Give it a try. Canon has confirmed that the blue EVF coating should not come off easily. ...
  • Replied in Eos R EVF
    Not really worried though. I’m curious more than anything as to what it is. Blue AR coating is used frequently on nice watches, etc. (It also comes off the crystal quite easily). Is Canon using a ...
  • Replied in Eos R EVF
    Awesome. Thanks for taking a look/helping me out.
  • Replied in Eos R EVF
    The one example in my possession. Go ahead and do as I did and upload a pic. Although I do not blame you if you decide to pass.
  • Replied in Eos R EVF
    If you look at the corners you can see the residual coating that I’m talking about. Before it got wet it had that consistency over the entire EVF. But a bit of rain and microfibre ended up ...
  • It’s nice. Although I prefer my 50s. I really do miss having the dials, as well as the smaller body. The work that I do professionally doesn’t require anymore MPs. So, it’s complete overkill ...
  • Replied in Eos R EVF
    No, I don’t think so. The R doesn’t have a robust AR coating. Much like the ck100mkii. A bit of water and it’s gone. Doesn’t matter though, I’ll live with it as I bought it to be a knock - around ...
  • Replied in Eos R EVF
    Thanks for the replies. Anybody want to be a further help and upload a shot of the EVF? Specifically the blue luminescent coating? This is the first time I’ve seen a coating like this on a camera. ...
  • Replied in Eos R EVF
    That’s generally my feeling as well. There’s been numerous times where the weather has changed and I’ve gotten rain on my kit. The EVF is one of those areas, and you can’t let water simply dry off ...
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    Thanks. Still debating about whether it’s worth the trip + the likely repair charge that will accompany. I’ve read of similar situations with the Canon c100mkii, and one other instance where water ...
  • Replied in Eos R EVF
    What? Do you own an R? Look at the EVF. There is a blue AR coating applied on the surface. What a weird reply to my post.
  • Created discussion thread Eos R EVF
    Hi everyone, Got a quick question concerning the blue (Anti - reflective coating?) on the EVF: I was out shooting a few days ago and it started to rain a little bit, and I noticed that a drop of ...
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