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On article Nikon dominates World Press Photo 2018 camera breakdown (385 comments in total)

I see, that's why I have not won World Press Photo so far...

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FrequencyDancer: With well over 900 comments, maybe it has already been said,

But in case not, if the survey to pros about what features they would like to see only went out in January, hows is a working camera now in their hands in mid March?

It totally makes sense. They just don’t want to leave out any important stuff out, which may only be related to the software before they launch their first product. The hardware is set. In case any significant change is required, they may as well postpone the release.

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hypnotictortoise: Rumour has it that Canon filed a patent for a curved sensor. Now that will be interesting.

Yay, they finally become compatible with these cheep Chinese lenses with creepy field curvature! SainSonic looked straight into the future.

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Greg OH: Or, for half the price, get the image-stabilized UWA zooms from Canon and Nikon...

@Roland Karlsson: They are not all SLR lenses

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If you "can’t simply ignore the [130 million EF lenses] in the market", could you please make at least a booster adapter with AF to support those lenses on EF-M first?
Especially given the fact that such an adaptor (EF -> X) exists for any mount except for EF-M😱
How come you are not ashamed of this, dear Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, Go Tokura and Naoya Kaneda?

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I wonder if anyone got those free filters. If there were a counter on how many left, I'd had bought the lens already.

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And if I am a tourist filming this by chance, will they execute me too?

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servic: Much simpler: Eric just took Ron's image, desaturated it, pulled up exposure, added haze and blur

Glad you understood my sarcasm

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Much simpler: Eric just took Ron's image, desaturated it, pulled up exposure, added haze and blur

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OMG, did anyone hack Lars' account or is this a modern attempt to use AI for writing articles? Konica, Minolta, Konica-Minolta🙈

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Scott Pickering: I don't see why Canon is number one, other then marketing. It is the least innovative of the three companies (Canon, Nikon, Sony) and is using more old technology in their cameras then the other 2. They especially are lacking in their sensor technology. Yet Canon hold the number 1 spot. I used to be a Canon guy, but switched long ago when they couldn't keep up.

I have been choosing between Sony, Canon and Fuji mirrorless. It turns out that given the total price for the body and the lenses Canon is the winner

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On article Meet the Canon PowerShot G1 X III (317 comments in total)

When I'm asking myself what can my camera do better than my smartphone, one of the obvious things would be the zoom range. It does not have to be a monster zoom, the one from G1X is actually quite ok. With better sensor resolution and 1 stop better light gathering capacity Mark II would have been a perfect camera. I would be ready to pay 1,5k$ for this, but not for this cripple

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On article Have it your way: which 24MP Canon should I buy? (240 comments in total)

Would be interesting to see the DOF comparison chart

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M Chambers: Whether the law is right or wrong, what these guys did was really stupid. It was sure to invite trouble.

They don't sound like pros.

There are plenty of idiots on the roads themselves, who pose a lot greater danger. And yet they are not really getting prosecuted. This is because there is always a measure. Without this measure there is no freedom for people to thrive and do their stupid things.

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2017 at 09:15 UTC

Why "putting themselves ... in danger" is a crime? I guess "" shouldn't start with "phy" in the end. It seems more like the guys were just upset to be called out at night to such a silly case and now putting their anger into this unreasonable argumentation

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The old M3 or M6 would be good enough for me. Now what about fast, light and adapter-free tele lenses that APS-C would be so great for?

Link | Posted on Aug 29, 2017 at 18:45 UTC as 65th comment
On article Caltech research team develops lensless camera (61 comments in total)
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BobORama: Of course the subject needs to be illuminated with a reference laser light source. Explain that one at your kids birthday party. :-) Cheese, your all blind!

This phase lens doesn't require a laser even if the original research used it. It only needs a constant phase wave front. And apparently every light wave has it, otherwise no lens in the world would have ever worked.

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servic: I think this particular case photojournalism serves to promote terrorism as not a handgun but rather the mass media is their weapon.

Showing these images is forming a new reality. A well dressed man is shooting at Russian ambassador. A perfect image to recruit new terrorists to your organisation. The person who said that "sunlight is the best deterrent to terrorism" apparently has no clue. There is a massive number of studies showing exactly the opposite. There is a good course on coursera about it.

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scoobysnapstories: who made this article is horrible. pay respect to the mans family please.

@Nobby: Apparently, this person was saying in the video "Allahu Akbar". No more, no less... He had certainly no interest in mostly orthodox Ukraine.

Link | Posted on Dec 23, 2016 at 10:10 UTC

I think this particular case photojournalism serves to promote terrorism as not a handgun but rather the mass media is their weapon.

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