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User9008759824: I have been trying to update my software but I keep getting a msg saying my updater is the latest version, and then it won't let me go any further so I can't download the latest firmware.
Any idea how to correct this problem?

What you need to do is (in Windows) go toe the Windows control panel and uninstall the Olympus Updater software. Then reinstall the updater.

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Frank C.: Great camera but sensor is too small to control dof or generate bokeh properly, I'll stick to my iPhone for everyday shooting and my D610 for the serious stuff

Unless you are a professional portrait shooter, or one of those amateurs who is hung-up on blurred backgrounds, dof is just one small ingredient in a good photo. Besides, there are other ways to get a shallow dof. If you like shooting posed portraits and have an addiction to shallow dof fine, but for shooting from the hip, spontaneous portraits or street shooting ... good luck sticking that bazooka full frame and giant lens in someones face. And if minimal depth of field is what you crave, dump the D610 soccer mom full frame camera and jump up to a medium frame Hasselblad. Meanwhile, if you look at the pro level photos on 500px, you will see that only a small percentage of them use a shallow dof to blur out the background. My point is .. shallow depth of field is not and should not be the single criterion for buying a camera.

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vFunct: HDR style is really the worst, ugliest most over-processed photography style imaginable. There is absolutely NO art critic that would find this look acceptable.

And really, art critics are the only viewpoints that matter, since they reference the leading edge and do not care for populist appeal of the Wal Mart crowd that so many photographers love.

HDR is the equivalent of a Thomas Kinkade painting, and even looks like it. THAT'S how bad it is.

Photographers: do NOT do HDR. Learn the subtleties of a proper naturally lit non-overprocessed photograph. Study Hedi Slimane or Terry Richardson or Ryan McGinley or Ineez & Vinoodh for some proper fine-art photography. Learn why the art critics love that, and learn why they hate Thomas Kinkade paintings so much,

As Frank Zappa put it so appropriately, "The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open."

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ybizzle: The 35 and 33 models are clearly better than this. Sony keeps downgrading this model to cut costs. A 2.6" 230K dot screen? Come on Sony, this isn't 2008...

Yo.. Index .. you're off base man .. zstan said "tell that to the Leica X2.." NOT S2. The X2 is a $2k rangefinder that competes in the fuji x-100 arena.

Caspianm .. I like using manual focus primes so I feel your pain over the 230k screen but... the EVF is a good one and they give you the renowned "focus peaking" manual focusing feature that takes the squinting out of manual focus in low light situations .. better than any LCD even better than OLED. So it's a fair trade in my book.

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Re: Snov's question about background blurr

Just to give my two cents worth to Snov. We all love that effect. Any of the Sony SLTs or the Nex models are equally capable of getting you that effect (all have APS-C sized sensors). What you want is a narrow or shallow Depth of Field. You get that by one or more of the following:
1. larger sensors (the any DSLR, SLT, or Nex is fine. Micro 4/3 a little less so but possible)
2. large aperture f2.8 to f1.2 works well
3. longer focal lengths (I suggest 50mm or more)
4. move closer to your subject
5. combinations of 1-4

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I already have a Sony A-580 (terrific body and optical viewfinder) and a bunch of lenses but.....
I am looking for a travel camera .. I have just bought a G3 but I'm not satisfied with it so its going back. (it feels like I am shooting with a mobile phone). I like the body size of the A55 but I hate missing out on the focus peaking feature since I like using manual focus primes. So my choices seem to be:
1. Buy an A-55 and forget the focus peaking feature (is this camera a quality body or a dog?)
2. Buy this new A-37 model (a bit short on features but ??)
3. Suck it up (size/weight wise) and spend $200 more for an A-57 (which is close in size and weight to my A-580 )

Any advice?

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