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download Soundhound and Google Goggles for FREE and you have an amazon Fire. (probably with a better screen and camera if you bought your phone in the past year)
Why 4 cameras for face-tracking? One camera and software is all you need.

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nipple counter. This photo was a mistake!

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These images are generally creative, or tell a story. This is what I was missing in the dpreview awards which seemed more focused on (photoshop) technique. It just shows how different judging panels have different criteria. as do we all.

Personally I prefer photo's that, like great art, make you think. Technique is a poor second.

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*almost* a home run. I'm disappointed that theres no slo-mo on the lower resolutions. If it could do 1080 at 120 or higher, THEN I might just switch from Canon.

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All nice pictures. The judges seem to favor exact symmetry, though for me that quickly feels contrived and uninteresting.

If there was just one image among them that told a story, I'm sure it would win.

I went for the guy in the canyon, with his cup of coffee. Sensible use of fisheye to catch a scene of peace and tranquility.

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micahmedia: Please keep the "connect" content separate and give us an RSS feed without it?


The point is it SHOULDN'T be on main page. It's purely a smartphone/tablet article and belongs on connect. Please dpreview, don't dilute your brand! Yes some smartphone articles can have relevance, but like many a loyal dpreview reader, i find this sort of thing is just annoying.

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Juraj Lacko: So what is the big deal that everybody is complaining about seeing mobiles on dpreview? All modern phones have build in cameras. BTW those cameras are killers of compact cameras and who knows, maybe in the future they will kill dslr as well... Just dont read article if yu are not interested in phones. Is that so hard?

I guess we thought when dpreview made a separate site for camera phones, (Connect, in case you havn't seen it yet) the real camera news wouldn't be diluted by endless smart phone releases.

Posted on Jan 12, 2013 at 16:19 UTC

Having bought and tested the 650D, I returned it and kept my 550D.
While the features are fantastic, particularly the touchscreen, focus was a real problem, especially because in automode, aperture is wide open giving a small to non-existent depth of field. Video displayed the same characteristics. It may track, but never achieves sharp focus. The sensor appears to require far more light to operate resulting in higher ISO's, longer shutter speeds, and wider apertures, compared to earlier models.

I should say I only tested a single camera, and didn't dare invest time or money in a replacement. I think I'll grab a Lumix FZ200 instead. The lens alone (a 25-600mm F2.8!) would cost 4 times as much for a Canon DSLR. Not to mention 12 fps burst, upto 240fps video...

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My advice would be try before you buy.

I bought the 18-270mm with VC only to find it was much sharper with it turned off. The first one I received I thought might be faulty, but the replacement was exactly the same. You get amazing specifications on Tamrons, but unfortunately the results aren't equally impressive.

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