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  • https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/adobe-dng-converter.html
  • I have a single LR catalog which I imported into C1. I continue to import images into LR and then update the C1 catalog so the images are always present in both pieces of software. I don't do much ...
  • This sturdy hood takes care of my medium telephotos quite well but is no longer available new. They turn up on ebay and FM from time to time. Google turned up another option although I have no ...
  • 16-85: Had it, sold it, don't miss it.
  • Replied in DXO worth it?
    I use the free version 9 to occasionally correct lens distortion but I am otherwise unimpressed with this (admittedly dated) software. My go-to raw converter is Capture One. Maybe give that trial ...
  • Replied in Thank you all!
    Glad you got it sorted out. I misread your original post -- I thought it was Capture that wasn't working for you. I never did find View all that useful.
  • Any idea which update killed it? I'm running 8.1 and Capture NX 2 with no issues. I install all critical and most recommended updates, rarely any optional ones.
  • I did my own research and testing on compression levels a few years ago. What I found interesting is that it's been shown that, when using Photoshop, saving at maximum quality (12) will cause the ...
  • Go CC... unless you really don't care about images. A photographer said nearly the same thing to me with regard to lens choice. I told him I had opted for a Nikon 18-35 over the pricier 16-35, to ...
  • Replied in LucisArt
    I have the lite/cheaper/non-pro Windows version. PM me if that's what you need.
  • Converting to CMYK is as easy as a mouse click. Doing it correctly and optimally for the destination press process is akin to an art. Your contact at the pub may help you but most likely you will ...
  • How to change to CMYK in PS Elements?? No can do. Get Photoshop.
  • Replied in To SSD or not?
    I have an SSD and three HDDs in my work machine. The OS and apps are loaded on a V-raptor and the SSD is used for PS scratch, LR and Capture One catalogs and previews, working images, pagefile ...
  • No. Payment is via virtual currency such as bitcoin sent to an anonymous IP or virtual money launderer — not exactly sure of the mechanism but for sure no CC is involved.
  • "I don't understand..."

    I agree.

  • If you only listen to music then those speakers might do. But if you want to watch video, most BT systems have a time lag that throws off the video/audio sync and makes movie watching almost ...
  • I use reading glasses from the drug store. My eyes require different prescriptions so I buy two identically framed pairs in different diopter strengths and swap the lenses out to end up with one ...
  • Before loading the latest and greatest driver for your graphics card, find a forum frequented by gamers/gear heads and read their reports on new drivers. Any issues and gripes will be hot topics ...
  • I will look forward to your photos. The most important part of image making takes place before the shutter button is pressed. I honestly believe you could wow us with a pinhole camera.
  • Maybe I'm mis-reading your quandary, but the point of a system image is not to backup data, it's to backup the system, or OS. Data can be backed up by any generic copy function, but the OS and apps ...
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