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Ho72: The EPA: Working hard to justify its existence since 1986.

In the past, yes, but it spends its time these days chasing unicorns. There are better uses for the EPA's budget allowance.

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Ho72: The EPA: Working hard to justify its existence since 1986.

The EPA did its job and picked all the low hanging fruit years ago. FYI, our air and water are cleaner than they've ever been. Re air quality, the worst 25 cities for total emissions are as follows (with figures in megatons of CO₂ equivalent). None, you'll note, are in the USA:

Handan, China (199.71)
Shanghai, China (187.93)
Suzhou, China (151.79)
Dalian, China (142.51)
Beijing, China (132.58)
Tianjin, China (125.89)
Moscow, Russia (112.53)
Wuhan, China (110.86)
Qingdao, China (93.56)
Chongqing, China (80.58)
Wuxi, China (76.88)
Urumqi, China (75.32)
Guangzhou, China (71.03)
Huizhou, China (68.74)
Shijiazhuang, China (67.80)
Zhengzhou, China (66.16)
Tokyo, Japan (66.08)
Shengyang, China (64.10)
Kaohsiung, China (63.64)
Kunming, China (62.96)
Shenzhen, China (62.91)
Hangzhou, China (61.41)
Hong Kong, China (55.90)
Yinchuan, China (55.49)
Chengdu , China (54.49)

So the EPA really needs to set up shop in China. Of course they'd be imprisoned and/or executed.

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The EPA: Working hard to justify its existence since 1986.

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HowaboutRAW: Given On1's less than stellar record with raw extraction software, these claims are dubious, unless ON1's after extraction AI NR system is based on until now utterly secret, but already fully developed, military imaging technology. Not impossible. But very unlikely.

My experience with On1 has resulted in zero positives. I will observe from afar.

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mxSR: Didn't they also claim to have the fastest RAW-editor? You know, the one that's really slow and crashed every time I tried it. Never promise more than you can keep.

Corel is the Symantec of the imaging world. They buy an existing product and ruin it within a matter of months.

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On article Hähnel launches lantern diffuser speedlite accessory (149 comments in total)

$99... seriously? It would be iffy at $25, so no.

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jose garcia: Oh, I can see it now. This would be a perfect match for your $40,000 1965 Rolex Submariner with the "Ghost Bezel". Bu why stop there, Leica along with the watch nerds at HODINKEE should create a "Ghost Pepsi Model" to go with the $30,000 Rolex "Pepsi Bezel" GMT. Afterwards they can start doing "Tropical" Leicas to match a vintage $25,000 "Tropical Dial" Omega Speedmaster. I think that they are on to something!

"I think that they are on to something!"
ON something is more like it.

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On article Back to the action: Nikon D500 Review (1123 comments in total)
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Mordi: I don't understand the praise for this camera if the photo of the young woman with a pole on her shoulder is an example of what it can do at ISO 100. Looking at it on my ASUS HDMI monitor, it doesn't come close to a MFT or any of the first-generation NEX models.

And surely, not close to the many 16x24 prints on my wall from my D300 and D7000.

"I don't understand..."

I agree.

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Suntan: This just in... No photographer in the history of the internet lost out on real money by people P-shopping watermarks off of low res thumbnails already posted to the internet.

You can argue that somewhere, someone would have bought the image instead, but inside you know that's a load of poo.


SteAling is bad as well. :)

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1824 comments in total)
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JohnyP: Windows 8 and Pontiac Aztec all over again. This time from Adobe....

When will these executives stop being dumb? It's clear what they are trying to do - prevent piracy of Adobe CS because they can't figure out how to structure licensing. So instead of doing what really needs to be done - making software cheaper and allowing more people to buy it, they are trying to force everyone into rental of software.

Good luck with that Adobe, and Winston Hendrickson - I hope you own some earplugs and a butt cushon! Because the amount of screaming and spanking you are going to receive after this move turns into a fiasco will be substantial.

Lightroom is not a replacement of Photoshop for photographers. We don't just process raw and put a copyright.... Many photographers use photoshop because it's not as stupidly slow as Lightroom and because we can do other types of work besides just processing images.

I'm not worried - someone will fill the void (too bad none of current converts don't suck.

The difference is that the people who bought the Aztec actually liked it. Win 8 will probably be made palatable at some point; certainly no one is being forced to adopt it.

Adobe, OTOH, has chosen extortion as its new business model. To quote Monty Python, "Run away!"

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On article Variation Facts and Fallacies (227 comments in total)

As someone who's been involved in manufacturing for 35+ years, I understand variation in both the manufacturing and assembly processes all too well. It's really no small achievement that mass-produced items are nearly identical, within microns, on a consistent basis. Modern machining and measurement methods, both computer controlled, are largely responsible, but credit must also be given to the engineers who design things that are "manufacturable", at least most of the time. :)

I've had one bad lens out of the dozens I've bought. It was well regarded and tested OK out of the box, but then it stopped being able to acquire critical focus in the middle of a shooting session. Apparently something within the lens shifted after it passed its initial shakedown. Sent it back and that was that (always know your dealer's return policy before the purchase).

Bad lenses are rare, but the people who examine them with anal zeal are not and this article won't cure them, sad to say.

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On photo Stacks in the Chrome challenge (4 comments in total)

Thanks much, and thanks to all who voted. I'm very happy; this shot is a personal favorite.

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On photo Emmental Sunrise in the Compressed Groupings challenge (31 comments in total)

Alex, glad you stumbled in. Now how about that print? :)

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On photo Steps in the Architecture (HDR images only) challenge (5 comments in total)

Thanks again. It worked well in color too because it was very muted being all concrete, steel and glass.


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On photo Steps in the Architecture (HDR images only) challenge (5 comments in total)

Thanks. The Nikonians judges liked it too (2nd in its category last year). I guess the competition was a little stiffer here. :)

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On photo Emmental Sunrise in the Compressed Groupings challenge (31 comments in total)

glaopt1 wrote:
> I wont pretend to understand your numbers but I do accept this can be an 'unfair' voting strategy. How do you vote? Do you give a score to EVERY photo?

Not that you asked /me/ but my answer is yes, I vote for every photo.

There seems to be some number of images in each challenge that are so unrelated to the subject that one would think they've been entered by mistake. These, on average, get .5 from me. Really, really, outstanding (but unrelated) images may get a score as high as 1.5. Why? You can't perform a exceedingly skillful juggling act at a music competition and expect to walk away with a prize.

Related—but awful—submissions will receive a 1 or 1.5 simply because they are related.

The rest all vie for something between 2 and 5.

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On photo Emmental Sunrise in the Compressed Groupings challenge (31 comments in total)

> When is photograph not a photograph anymore, perhaps when the level of retouching and manipulating overwhelms the original capture. In the comment of jongnono he wishes he could take a picture such as this one, he can not unless he gets CS4 and mainpulates the heck out of it. The image has beauty without question, but is not a photgraph anymore.

Did you not read the photographer's remarks regarding this image?

Are you claiming that he is untruthful?

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On photo Emmental Sunrise in the Compressed Groupings challenge (31 comments in total)

I repeat: I want a print!

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