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Who ordered this???

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The ENet-E is OK but the ENet-PAT is another species. It gives the impression of being sharp, but it is fantasy, such a grasshopper does not exist.

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Interesting design for 52 mm.

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Actually all pictures were so bad that I would not manipulate them but throw them away.

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I missed just 1.

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1962 age 12: Ilford sporti http://www.photomemorabilia.co.uk/Ilford/Sporti.html
1963 my father bought a Pentax s1a which I was allowed to use sometimes: https://www.furniturecollectables.com/products/asahi-pentax-s1a-35mm-single-lens-reflex-camera-with-light-meter-very-good-condition
1971 age 21 I bought my first real body, Canon FTb (spotmeting): https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Canon_FTb_QL.JPG
I had just 1 lens, not a very common one: 2.5/135 https://photographylife.com/lenses/canon-fd-135mm-f2-5-s-c/

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What's the measure of a pixel? Olympus goes to 300 in 1 millimeter now, which already sounds like the limit.

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YorkM: My first camera was Canon FTb+FD 50mm f1.8 in 1970 whose price was about USD500 (current rate conversion) that time. It was my high school age and my parent bought it for me. Later, I purchased FD135mm f2.5 costed USD300.
I had used it for 15 years without any troubles, thanks to its simple construction. I still keep it for my memory. I had traveled with it from North to South in Japan because I am a railway photographer.

FTb + 2.5/300 was my work horse!

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OzarkAggie: Canon FTb - wish I kept it.

I bought it because of spotmetering, very useful.

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Patrick Cicalo: Olympus OM-2... eventually followed by an OM-1

I the same order, OM-2 for slides and later an OM-1 body for black and white.

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Joe Ogiba: Canon Pellix QL w/58mm F1.2

A Pellix! I hesitated but bought the FTb.

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On article DPReview Asks: What was your first camera? (766 comments in total)

My first at age 12, 1962: Ilford sporti (6x6 and very cheap)
Years later I used a bit my father's SLR Pentax s1a, with 50mm and 200mm
At age 21 (1971) my own first real camera: Canon FTb and I just could buy one lens, it became f/2.5 135 mm. I had that special tele-mind.
Ten years later: Olympus OM2
Now, since 2007 Olympus E3

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evilmagicnut: As a measure to stem the tide of ever increasing prices can I lobby dpreview to stop coverage on lenses that exceed $2000 msrp?

Those expensive lens are optically the most interesting ones, and although I cannot buy them I would hear much about them!

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The Name is Bond: 5 elements? Hmmm, doesn't sound like a modern lens design. Best for film, I expect.

5 modern elements for f/3.5 is fine.

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Very interesting, those 19 elements. Which problems have they solved with extra elements? I'ld like to know.

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Interesting construction of the macro 65mm!

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Alec: What I would like to clarify is lines per millimeter vs. line PAIRS per millimeter. Because the proper unit in the spatial frequency / lens sharpness context is a line pair per millimeter (a black line and an adjacent white line, whose loss of contrast is evaluated).

I hope this is a simple typo (like "calories" is commonly used whereas it's in fact kilocalories i.e. thousands of calories, but everyone understands). But I'm also not ruling out that we're being duped, and instead of 50 line pairs per millimeter they're actually talking about literally 50 lines, and thus 25 line pairs, per millimeter.

...Which would be a shame (from film days we know sharp lenses' spatial response extends to 100 line pairs per mm and beyond),
... and a sham (akin to the pundits in the early days of digital pledging that 6 or 8 megapixels was "film quality" - whereas Hollywood with real money riding on asset longevity, sticks to film even in the days of 4K).

It will be line pairs, as he is also speaking of 10 & 30, which cannot be lines per mm.

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Interesting. that '1000 times less light than on earth' is something one doesn't realise.

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CameraLabTester: If the camera was panned a little more to the left, he would have captured a DOUBLE RAINBOW (also a rare weather spectacle).

You can see the two arcs sandwiching the lightning on the left.

Here is how a FULL DOUBLE RAINBOW looks like:



A double rainbow is quite common.

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