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On article Closer look: Canon RF 100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM (157 comments in total)
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Larawanista: The EF100mm f/2.8L IS USM is already good at about half the price today (a third of the price in the pre-owned market). But yes this looks like a thoughtful upgrade. At a price.

RF is new tech compared to EF. And when new tech comes out it cost think about when flat-screen television and D slrs first came out

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On article Closer look: Canon RF 100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM (157 comments in total)
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Ruy Penalva: The hood is also accessory!!! A naked lens in which accessories increase the profit.

Thought L lenses came with hoods

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On article The new nifty fifty: Canon RF 50mm F1.8 sample gallery (285 comments in total)
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Daft Punk: The R5 is a terrific camera. Putting this lens on the front of it makes little sense. It’s a waste of the R5s abilities. It’s also illogical - those buying the R5 have already spent money on a premium body and would expect a premium lens. Sony recently launched a range of higher quality small primes. Nikon already offers much better 1.8 primes.

Canon R owners are forced to accept this low cost sub-par lens or buy the huge 1.2 primes. There should be a quality 1.8 prime offering. This isn’t it.

If you bought a R5 this lens isn't designed for you. A R5 is around 4,000 dollars it can use this but I believe this was designed for the RP. Three years in Canon is developing a very nice high-end lens line up designed for the R5 the 50 1.2, 85 1.2 15-35 2.8 24-70 2.8 28-70 2, 70-200 2.8. Can the RP get a little love we have this the 85 2 the 24-105 4-7.1

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On article Sony a1 initial review (1362 comments in total)
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Rob890: According to these test it's nice to see the Pentax K1, KP, Sigma DP1 Merrill hold up against the test of time and against the Sony a1

Just bought a film camera and put 400 speed film in it

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Light Pilgrim: More expensive than I thought. How much was EF 70-200 4 when released? i think I gor mine for less than 1000

Canon has made the most reasonable inter-changeable lenses camera for over 15 years. The original rebel was the first digital slr under a 1000.00 and it came with a lens. The RP is currently selling for 999.00 with a lens. So today you can buy a RP 999.00 canon flash 299.00 this nifty 50 199.00 for the price of the Z5 body only. Now tell me how how canon is over priced and greedy

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On article Sony a7C review: Compact size, big sensor image quality (2228 comments in total)
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Daft Punk: Sony marketing basically saying:

"Please please please can everyone upgrade to full frame so they can take tiny pictures and share them on social media and instagram. Everyone should know they don't need full frame for such purposes , but we need to keep selling stuff to a rapidly shrinking market, so selling the con that "full frame" matters is our best shot of shifting more cameras this winter season. So buy one. Please. Please.. please..."

Same goes for Panasonic, Canon and frankly everyone else (maybe excepting Fuji...)

I would wager that 90% of the people who buy this camera simply dont need a full frame camera for what they shoot. They just "want one". Thats cool, this is a market and people are free to buy what they want. But lets not kid ourselves here..

Who needs full frame depends. If you are are my age 48 or older you may want full frame because all lenses act like you remember from film days. A 50 mm is a normal lens in crop it is a short tele. But if you know photography you can shoot any camera

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On article Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix S5 (164 comments in total)
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Clickalot: "From $1997.99" .... "a less-expensive addition to the company's full-frame range "

The established camera industry is rejecting its former bread & butter demographic just as determinedly as that demo is exclusively plunking for smartphone photography.

This seems lose/lose to me.

For full frame cameras are cheaper than they have been since cameras went digital

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I think the problem with the next best thing in memory cards is they die before they go mainstream. The price doesn’t get a chance to drop. Sony invented XQD and never put it in a camera.

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(unknown member): hehe, i am waiting for EOS RP Mk. II or whatever its going to be called (R7, R 8?). And i'Ll wait for it to drop to € 999. until then i won't switch to EOS R/RF and continue with my 5D3 and EOS M. definitely won't go Nikon or Sony, now that Canon is finally getting the hang of FF mirrorfree. and my EF L glass will serve me well for another 10 years.

xeppelin Going from D-Slr to Mirrorless takes some getting used to. I am enjoying the RP but it is a learning curve.

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On article Sony a7S III review (2797 comments in total)
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Michael S.: $3500,- holy cow, can't see a red dot on the body, how can they justify such a price!?

purist my favorite Youtube content creator still film with a 80D. He say it just works. But to do Youtube videos how much camera is required. You aren't going to post a 8K or 6K video to it.

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On article Sony a7S III review (2797 comments in total)
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StoneJack: All serious video guys would prefer 8K as future proof.
No still photographer needs 12 mp.
So this camera has no buyers.

How is 4K getting outdated it is just going mainstream. It is still produces large files to process and there aren't many affordable 8K television

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On article The Canon EOS R6 is the R5 for the masses (157 comments in total)
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GutoDP: When I was young, the Zenit camera was for the masses, but I didn't have the money to buy it. Now I'm a man, and I can buy this camera for the masses ... eeeeeehhh NO!
I prefer to wait for a still only version!
"… You may say I'm a dreamer... "

What would you consider a stills only ? Unfortunately stills and videos are linked permanently. Unless blackmagic gets good autofocus. I understand I really don't do video either but they are the more vocal community. A EOS R with dual slots and 12 fps would make a great stills camera. A 90d is a great stills camera

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On article The Canon EOS R6 is the R5 for the masses (157 comments in total)
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DustSpeck: Well, it looks like a really nice camera, but the 6D that I bought for $800 back in February still works great and I don't have to buy new glass to take advantage of its features. But thanks for the new, higher capacity, LP-E6NH battery. I might try it out to see if it adds a few more shots to my 6D.

I love my 6D my 80D had to be repaired got a RP because my 470 flash doesn't work with it.

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Fotoni: Sony has obsession for small bodies. It will create heat problems and limit hardware they can put in. Great imbalance between high quality glass and the compact body is just bizarre. Their video once was on the top, but now just on the good side. Hopefully this new video focused camera improve something compared to what some other brands have right now.

The day when Panasonic announced their full frame cameras, it was obvious Sony had to ditch their A7S III plans and start a new one. Panasonic GH series were already high quality and now full frame. That must have been a nightmare for Sony.

I like Panasonic I have one and I am not a Sony fan, but I always give the devil his due. As long as the S1 series has been out it still hasn’t made a lot of noise. I know the DPR guys use it. But I haven’t heard about a lot of converts from Sony, or Canon, Fuji. I don’t think Sony sees them as a threat at least till their autofocus gets better

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BobT3218: Interesting! I'm keen to see if it catches on in the stills scene. I don't see it myself but I guess as stills cameras are at the verge of morphing completely into video cameras, I'm not surprised.

There are still a bunch of photographers they just aren't represented many places well anymore. But if you check the forums people are always sharing their work. i think it is the YouTube Phenom. Not everyone wants to vlog but it is the in thing now.

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guywithyashica: What can I say except if you love or hate a brand you will continue to love or hate a brand regardless of what products they devise. I sold film cameras decades ago, during the AE-1, FM2 era and recall more than a few occasions when someone would buy an AE1 "because their uncle had one and it took good pictures". If you swear by Mercedes, you will not buy a Ford and vice versa. As for cameras and lenses, I use a Sony A7m2 along with an La-ea4 adapter. is it a bit clunky looking? Yes. Is an adapted A lens on an la-ea4 smaller than a similar E lens? About the same in most cases. Is an la-ea4 and an adapted lens more economical than a native E mount...obviously. If ALL new glass was superior in all ways to older native glass, maybe some justification to switch but dishing out thousands on new glass when a native adapter and similar glass would do is a waste of money (for me) and I would rather spend that cash on getting somewhere to put the gear to use.

canon 1.8 primes the 50 and 85 are great lenses. so adapted to a rp seems like it would make a great kit

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tlinn: I couldn't disagree with you more, Richard Butler. Same processor. Same sensor. There are a whole host of improvements that could be made to the X-T3 through firmware if Fuji wants to. Abandoning the users of its most successful body ever to boost sales of the X-T4 would make the company no different than Canon and cost them hard-won loyalty. But I don't expect Fuji to do that. Their Kaizen approach has never been about short-term profitability.

From my understanding the X-T3 is a highly regarded camera and I don't know how many people have put enough pictures through it to think about a upgrade. I think a new camera I don't need right now is a winning situation. if I want a extra camera the price of the camera I have has dropped so I can get another or wait till I fill I need another camera and will have more choices. Camera aren't phone don't need to be replaced as often

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GreatOceanSoftware: Part of me feels like Fujifilm has simply hijacked the X-T line to sell what should have been the X-H2; that this was their intention all along. They intended to have the X-H line become their flagship hybrid, and since the X-H1 was not as successful as they had hoped, this is the new path to achieve that end.

I suppose the proof will be in the pudding, if they release the X-H2. If not, perhaps it's not so far fetched.

THE X-T3 came out shortly after the X-H1 with better specs and a lower price basically kill the X-H1. plus if you get a lot of photo advice from YouTube most of them always shoot full frame so they panned the X-H1. bad battery life you need the battery grip to get full features of the camera. In addition to the sony A7iii coming out about the same time.

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On article Canon unveils $400 RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM (508 comments in total)
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Son of Thunder: Canon wins because they cover nore of the market than anyone else. I call it the good better best. think about the EF mount 50mm 1.8 50mm 1.4 50mm 1.2. Sony other than the 50 has no really inexpensive glass. something to think about

I know the 50 1.2 and 1.4 aren't cheap but canon generally has 3 versions of most of thiers lens. the previously mentioned 50, the 85, the 70-300. sony nor Nikon do this as much as canon.

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On article Canon unveils $400 RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM (508 comments in total)

Canon wins because they cover nore of the market than anyone else. I call it the good better best. think about the EF mount 50mm 1.8 50mm 1.4 50mm 1.2. Sony other than the 50 has no really inexpensive glass. something to think about

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