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sop51: The article doesn't mention if the defendants have sufficient recoverable assets to satisfy this judgement, or some type of liability insurance policy that would cover such acts. If they don't, the wedding photographer won't see any part of that award. The Goldmans are still waiting for OJ to send them their money.

No responsible attorney should undertake such an action without some realistic possibility of recovery for his/her client. Perhaps the plaintiff's attorney was charging by the hour, in which case the wedding photographer will be left paying thousands in legal fees and never see a dime of the award. All for $125.

Liability insurance doesn't usually cover the punitive damages component of the verdict, so the defendants are personally on the hook for this. Whether the remainder is covered by insurance depends on the language in the policy. This case was filed in Texas and I don't know how long judgments last there, but they usually last a very long time (ten years) and can be renewed. They can be executed by going against wages, property, etc. This turned out to be a very expensive hissy fit.

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herbiecook: Hi Andy,
I really like the app. Just one question and I see that someone else would like to know if there is a zoom capability with the app or is there one to come?

The slider is there in portrait mode. If you hold the phone in landscape mode, the slider doesn't reposition itself. Just touch where it was in portrait mode to zoom.

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