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  • Ok, very useful. Thanks a lot. rachi.
  • Created discussion thread 600-rule with 1"-sensor?
    Hi, it's my first question about astrophotography. On a site I read "The rule of thumb is the 600-rule, which states that if you divide 600 by your focal length on a full-frame camera, the maximum ...
  • If I have enough light. For deep DoF I need low relative aperture (high f/stop), so less exposure. If shooting landscapes in nightime, or with a ND filter, and with a little sensor, let's say ...
  • That's interesting for photographer doing landscapes photos, for exemple. They usually want deep DoF, so an APS-sensor or a m43 will be better than a FF, almost in daytime.
  • I confirm, with a 1"-camera you can do quite a lot of things. I have a 1"-sensor camera. At my knowledge, all 1" camera at non-interchangeable objectives, generally recent ones ar 24-70 or ...
  • Stop using creative assist. Use Auto mode only if necessary (I sometimes use it for people photography, family, party. It focus quickly at faces). Creative mode does it all for you, but you do and ...
  • Up above on where you write, you have some icons. Start from the right, second one is "insert image". Pick your image from your computer.
  • I'm a beginner interested in wide angle lens and in this post. I think that this post and Klaus one makes clear that it's distance, not focal lenght. Thanks.
  • Ah. What a pity.... So I must pass to RAW one day....
  • Thanks, acutally my next question was "link between noise and sensor size". Higher size, (4x for exemple), i will have better exposure (roughly 4x more light is light and relative aperture are the ...
  • wow, nice definition of exposure!
  • Of course, my job (sadly) is not photography. But i'd like to take better photos, more appreciated, be able to push the limit of a little sensor, lack of light in the night, learning new ...
  • Woohoooo this thread is getting more and more complicated, techical and interesting! I love it! thanks to everybody!!!! Tnx Geogian, technical, but very clear and useful!
  • Ok, i guess that i understood the raw idea. My brain has to rethink about it to really understand. the aim is always good exposure, that s not exactly good brightness.
  • Ok, difference between processing raw and post-processing, and difference between exposure and brightness is clear, I guess. Thanks.
  • Ok, now even difference between exposure and brightness is clear. The aim is taking photos well exposed. We can adjust brightness even later.
  • Good idea Jennifer! wondeful place to learn here! Ask your question, we will learn from answers given to you!
  • Thanks a lot for the links, i will read them surely. And ETTR is a good technique. Yes, i should go to RAW, i've always shoot in jpg. One day, i will cross the line to the raw. Ok, now I have to ...
  • Ehm, yes i know i was wrong and you are right. most of you are from usa, i'm in europe, it's quite late here and i'm tired.... so i inversed shutter speed values. but thanks. Thanks
  • Thanks for the photos and for advices Bob. Clear. So, why in the review of a camera they relate noise to ISO? for my camera (1"-sensor) i guess they said something like "photos get noisy from ISO ...
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