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  • Created discussion thread NX1000 video time disable?
    I realize its discontinued and that a practically new one can be purchased on ebay for around $100 but it does make very good 1080P video. It doesn't focus so quickly and often gets confused as to ...
  • I resisted the S lenses for a year and a half with the NX1 making do with the kit lenses and a few of the primes. I finally broke down and bought the 16-50 F2.0-2.8 and on the NX1 ...WOW...!!! ...
  • That's the same with the NX300, The other way you can corrupt the file is to have the battery go dead while filming and the whole file is corrupted. But where is the link to the "Modified" NX1 ...
  • I just finished convincing myself that the 1h 8min continuous video I made of the tv using my NX300 that has the revised by "New To Cameras" firmware that gets rid of the 30 minute limit on video ...
  • What kind of connection does it use, USB, Blue Tooth or WiFi.
  • Created discussion thread NX1 and samsung tablets
    Is there a way to hook up my NX1 to a Samsung tablet via a USB connection, or a blue tooth connection or a wi-fi so that i can see what the NX1 is recording in video mode and see it real time? In ...
  • Replied in New NX1 value
    OK, more info. Perhaps more than needed, or than you want. I recently shot video at a wedding where the older brother of the groom showed up with his "Professional" shoulder mounted video cam. He ...
  • Replied in New NX1 value
    The lens is not so good. a 18-200 F3.5-5.6 I think. but the sensor is 35mm and I can use my nikon primes with it with an adapter. I think I 'll just bite my lip and pass for a year or so. The Sony ...
  • Replied in New NX1 value
    The back up thing is why I am considering it. I use my NX1 exclusively for video and there is no doubt that it is better than any other cam I have tested or seen. I have compared its output to ...
  • Replied in New NX1 value
    I already own one NX1 and while another might be nice, I'm not sure I really can use it.
  • Created discussion thread New NX1 value
    I have an chance for a new, never used, NX1 from a dealer for $800. Any thought's anyone?????
  • Indeed, (Can you get to 250 FPS on the NX1?) I shoot with 3 or 4 cameras on tripods and use the files from the NX1 for special slo motion effect like the kiss, the bouquet toss or an occational ...
  • I have to convert because I typically mix the NX1 output with the files from three sony cams.
  • Created discussion thread Slo MO on the NX1
    I purchased the NX1 with the intent of using it for 4K video which of course it does very well at. However as others have posted, it really is a pain in the rear end to have to convert any and all ...
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