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Pretentious testicles

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So it weighs an ounce - how heavy is that? Along with 95% of the world I use metric. If you want to pander to the olde USA then give the weight in grams followed by the Imperial weight in brackets. Next you'll be giving focal length in inches!

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How refreshing to see a lens with a depth of field scale. Often when photographing landscapes I want to focus at the hyperlocal distance so as to get maximum depth of field. Without a depth of field scale this is impossible. Instead the fashion seems to be for a restricted depth of field with bokeh - yawn. Promoted, no doubt, by manufacturers wanting to sell expensive large aperture lenses.

Come to think of it - how about an automatic hyperlocal distance setting on cameras. I’m sure it wouldn’t be beyond the limits of modern electronics.

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Nice to see Chris and Jordan trying to outwit creatures with brains the size of a pea. But where are the donkeys? It says they freeze their "asses" off. Here in the UK we have "arses." As DP Review originated in the UK before being taken over by Amazon, I think it would be a nice gesture if you kept our "arses."

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starbase218: I’m sure there is a unit of measurement called “pronunciation of last letter of the alphabet” and just as sane countries use the meter and the kilogram, they pronounce it as “zed” ;).

Yes, yes - Zed Zed Top forever!

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LHMF: Same studio as 1969?
No, just kidding. It's good that the moon becomes more intresting by research. After the Apollo-Programm there was the ISS etc. in the center of astronautics and then landing on mars. But I think the moon was a bit neglected.

srados are you real? Looks like written by a robot that wasn't programmed to enter a space after a full stop.Maybe we will never know.

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Chris Nichols is great. I love the way he takes the P out of US and their use of Imperial measures when 95% of the world uses metric. Mind you, UK is even worse having decided to go metric about 50yrs ago have only managed to get half way there. Perhaps appropriate given our attempt to move to mid Atlantic. So you lot - if you want to stick to Ye Olde Imperial start measuring your focal length in inches and engine capacity in pints or whatever.

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