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linux99: I'm really liking the number of low cost, relatively bright, manual lenses hitting the market right now for m4/3 & APSC.

This lens in particular would be awesome for video!

I have the Pergear 35mm f1.2 and for its price is one bloody good lens

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Joel Halbert: I enjoyed the video. But I think it's only fair (to the now-mostly-retired Pentax engineers who designed this system), to emphasize a point that only a few others are making:

In this experiment, the lenses are being used in a way never intended. Not "wide open" but beyond that. They're really wider than f/2/8 but were designed to be used with the Auto 110 body's built-in shutter/stop that controls the opening. Optically, it's no fair to go without the stop that makes them f/2.8 as engraved.

If you went inside a modern lens and removed the aperture mechanism including associated rings and baffles, you'd be shooting through edges of the elements and the sharpness would take a noticeable hit. I think that's part of the story here.

Though perhaps not razor-sharp, I think their reputation is going to suffer unfairly because of these stop-less adapters on digital cameras. By adding various stops, you'd find the sharpness is better at actual f/2.8, probably much better at f/4 to f/5.6.

I used the Auto 110 lenses for a while and found that an adapter with aperture could be created from a broken camera. Here is one adapter that utilizes the original aperture/shutter of the camera, it can be stopped won manually (little lever on the side)
The speckled highlights however are weird (square balls) therefore I retrofitted some lenses (50mm and 70mm) with a round aperture iris:
The 70mm is actually a rather good lens: the bokeh is old school with a hint of swirl and the render is very decent. It shines for portraits more than most modern lenses (especially zooms). The 50mm wide open doesn't work that well at infinity but at 10 m is good.

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User1234567890: Let me guess ....

It has more DR than Canon, better AF /colours than Nikon and better video skills than Sony .

Am I right?

and the lack of dual-card clearly put him out of contention

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Michiel953: Lots of predictable, inappropriate and lame Leica "jokes" here.

the title would have never read: Fuji, Panasonic, Pentax etc. saved life...
The flaming fanboyism is over the top here.

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MaxiMax: Wow! I will definitely go out and buy a Leica tomorrow!

I will buy one every year, so I will never die ;-)

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Mark Turney: What’s Instagram 🤔?

not to be confused with InstaCrap: the result of posting endless selfies on "social" platforms

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sportyaccordy: They need to also do the opposite- allow me to make some of my posts private, and some totally public.

Would also be nice to have GIF stickers and the like. Lot of bugs in IG

for the sheeple Instacrap and Fakebook foreva!

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Christian Unger: I thought all followers on Instagram are usually (close) friends?

just like on Fakebook? :-)

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Xavios: Christ almighty... Is it April 1st already?
We as species are hysterically screwed by our stupid ideas and collective vanity.

Dumbing society one post/tweet at a time. It's wonderful to see how easy is to manipulate the masses

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Focus Shift Shooting: AWESOME!!!!!! BEST NEWS OF THE MONTH!!!!!!

The only thing that could make me happier is if there was a law passed that allowed them to be hunted by civilians.


They're noisy. They're annoying. I don't want them in my pictures when I'm taking photographs. I don't want to be distracted by them. I don't want to be photographed by them. I *HATE* Drones!

They should just be illegal period.

Franz Weber, your sarcasm might be lost on some, but I like it

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TN Args: Hey drone owners, why don't you paint a nice red and white bulls-eye target on your drone's belly? Make it more fun. ;-)

cars are a necessary evil, guns... well the verdict is still out...

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On article Polarr Deep Crop app crops your images like a pro (60 comments in total)
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mmarian: This is nuts!! Is human race getting dumber and dumber?? Developers of products like this must think so. What other reason could there be for them to even start project like this??? I guess they might think that we need AI to tell us how to open a fridge door....

A dumb society is easy to manipulate. My case in point: currently elected POTUS?

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On article Polarr Deep Crop app crops your images like a pro (60 comments in total)

I love it!

Since Instacrap is unpredictable and images are way too different from each other and styles vary too much (sar.) , it was about time that we started to have more homogenous photography.
Thanks to some very clever programmers we will be able to now have almost identical images from everybody; people will welcome that.
Just like we can have the exact same food across the world tasting exactly the same (Big Mac etc) we now will have images that will look the same.
It was bout time that happened.
Diversity is sooo overrated; we need uniformity!

I suddenly feel so inadequate for being the rebel rascal that insist using stupid manual lenses and to this date I am yet to pull off a decent selfie.

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I find any argument pro Instagram moot, if any image uploaded suddenly could NOT have hashtags.
Can you really imagine that possible? ...the whole premise is built on the me-too idea.
Perfect platform for sheeple :-)

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just for a moment imagine InstaCrap without hashtags? .... and the tree would probably survive.

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hipsters and their money are easily parted

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On article Hawks Factory announces new 35mm F2 in M-mount (67 comments in total)
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digilux: swallow...... hahahahahahahhhahahhaha

Suck&Swallow ?

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cdembrey: If it's posted on FB, Ill never see it. Using social media only is OK if you don't want to reach a wide market. I guess press releases are a thing of the past.

FarceBook might work for Metz but has NOT worked for much larger companies:
just saying...

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (802 comments in total)
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Frank_BR: Hasselblad X1D vs Pentax 645D
Mirrorless vs DSLR,678


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JimiV: Anyone who things thinks Google street view is some wonderful boost for terrorists or burglars is kidding themselves. They show nothing more than anyone would see driving by the house or building. Something anyone can do.

Do they think terrorists are thinking "Gee, I really want to bomb xxx, but damn, it means I have to drive there and look."
Or that burglars who are going to rob a house are going to depend on what can be seen in a photo months old?

if you say so; should I settle to take pictures of cats? is that safer?

For you, would going out of the house a bit more and watch less TV help? :-)

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