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IR disabling recording, not at all a good idea. If implemented it will be hijacked by those that wish to repress the spread of information. Demonstrations will be blacked out, in some countries I can envision "IR vests" on those that enforce the laws of countries where there is little freedom,so no.
As for Apple the company, one poster used the word "vile" Ny my. Apple brought computers into schools that could be used by all levels of ability. Apple brought us innovations that the PC world ignored. I need not list the insanely cool/breakthrough/well made/unique...well you get it, products.

As for those that love to poke fun at those that shoot "aimless" photos all day and post them, why does that bother you? Oh you enjoy life more without snapping photos? Grow up or better yet, grow young. Its enjoyable, its social. Before phone cameras I walked around "aimlessly" shooting with my Pentax... it lead me to a career as a photographer..Enjoy the now, it will change soon enough

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On article Back to the action: Nikon D500 Review (1090 comments in total)
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DesmondD: Looks like a really good camera - based on the high iso samples and comments I'd be quite happy to stick with the D7200 and would advise anyone else interested purely in the image quality side of things [Those who don't need the high frame rate] to save their money and buy a D7200. For those who need the other features then I suppose you'll have to pay the extra :)

D7200, the one I use, is as has been said "the camera of the rest of us" that group can does not need the speed the D500 offers. That said, I'd love to have one...

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On article Facebook announces support for 360 degree photos (16 comments in total)
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dwill23: Get with it,, put your iphones down. I've been doing this for a while now with Google camera (app) on ANY android device. on my tablet, on my S4, S5, S6, S7, etc etc.
THen you can gmail them to someone who has android and gmail and they can view it even without the google camera ap.

True, however FB offering support is for "the rest of us", as stats show, the iPhone is the most used "camera," I'm guessing that FB support, onsite, will be a lot easier than mailing a photo to whom I wish to see my 360 vs just posting it, for all to see easily...

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On article Student takes 2016 Zeiss Photography Award top prize (228 comments in total)
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day2012: I'd encourage readers here to go to the site and look through the photographers' entire series. Many people here seem content to just glance at the photos presented on DPR, without understanding that they are part of a whole set of images from each shortlisted competitor. For example, the comment about the last one being a "random snapshot" makes no sense at all in the context of that photographer's submission.

Exactly what I did. She took a journey, she observed and shot, her work is good.

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On article Student takes 2016 Zeiss Photography Award top prize (228 comments in total)

Sorry to go against the grain. She has a wonderful eye, she went on an adventure and her shots took me along. Look at the photo, they are good. They have a sense of place. That place. Wondering if it were another place would it have won is childish. Criticizing her lens choice, you have got to be kidding. She is a young photographer, willing to take a journey and bring back excellent images. The curmudgeons reviewing her work... Would love to see what you would deliver in similar circumstances... I like the work. A lot.

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I want the better camera. I want an optical zoom, I'll not be thrilled to have to purchase the larger iPhone, but, my 6s is large enough, but probably will to get better resolution and optical zooming (if I understand it correctly). Of course the following year the upgraded camera will be in a smaller form factor and I'll change again. I do carry (not all the time) a camera-camera, small panasonic and always D7000 when traveling, however I do shoot much of my pix on phone. I remember back in the day, caring 12 rolls of TriX and thinking hard about each shot, perhaps I was a better photographer then. The editing on phone is a blessing, I do not miss dodging in the darkroom...

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"Compact" camera for when I'm lazy, or want a superzoom and know I am post pix on line only, D7200 for when I'm concerned about speed of capture, lens needs for that day, perhaps printing photo... tomato/potato

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On article Feature film shot on iPhone 5 coming to cinemas (64 comments in total)

I saw the film, the director and sound director were on stage among with some of the cast. The film, in theater looks great. Sean Baker reiterated what he said at Sundance, in an interview with laist. "I wish I could say that we were looking for something new, but basically it all came down to this: we had no money. It was down to the DSLRs, [which would] increase the size of the crew by three and we couldn't afford that. And we would need to purchase some expensive lenses to make a film to set us apart from the others shot on DSLR. I went on Vimeo there was one channel that was focused on iPhone experiments and short films. I was really impressed with what I saw. But I wasn't sold yet. I came across a Kickstarter campaign for a company called Moondog Labs they created this anamorphic adapter that fits over the iPhone lens and allows you to shoot true 'Scope [2.35:1 aspect ratio]. I thought, "It might not be the first iPhone movie but it'll be the first iPhone movie shot in 'Scope."

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Menneisyys: Smearing is awful even at base ISO. In no way a contest to the Nokia 808 WRT plain still IQ.

I *really* hope Samsung comes out with a Nokia 808-alike - with a huge sensor and great (prime) lens. Just another branch of their Zoom / Camera series, with photo buffs wanting a prime-"only", large-sensor, high-end phone-based camera would be a killer. The current lineup (unless you do need zoom)? Not so much, regrettably.

All in all, I won't ditch my Nokia 808 for the S5. The 808 is a perfect non-smart (I in no way use the Net on it, particularly not for browsing - the Achilles' heel of Symbian) phone for me. And, when better IQ is needed, I take my Fuji X-E1...

Place my "who cares what I think comment" here. iPhone vs that phone, this phone vs that camera, there is no single/right answer, as with cameras each of us has our own subjective "the one" and its not based on review "facts"...

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review (346 comments in total)

I love the size and easy of "Taking it along", and the photos are excellent, but for some reason over the past few weeks I find I am longing for my D7100. Not its size as much as its "reality". My adjustment to this camera is more philosophical than technical (although the menus system as we all know is a rabbit hole), it seems real, it performs, yet I continue to give it second looks. When I grab my S110 I know what it "is". The D7100 the same. This new "feel", small, light, powerful, DSLR-ish, I am learning to take it seriously... time will tell... I wore this last night after I left it at the bar, its diminutive size, unnoticed as I exited. This could have been aided by that third glass of wine..

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PhotoPoet: I just got the camera, working though the menus, adjusting to the smaller size, loving it so far.. Can anyone tell me where RAW is hidden in the menu system?

thank you... got lost in menuville

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review (346 comments in total)

I just got the camera, working though the menus, adjusting to the smaller size, loving it so far.. Can anyone tell me where RAW is hidden in the menu system?

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On article Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Review (22 comments in total)

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a camera recall.
Camera recalled due to a chemical used in the rubber part of the viewfinder can cause skin or eye irritation or an allergic reaction to the user.

Read more:

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La De Da. D7100 and S100, just sold an RX100 (nice photos, nice bounce, to big for my jean pocket- Yeah I am that lazy). Use iPhone far to often, unless I need the shutter speed and optical soon. Once the iPhone has an optical zoom, I'm guessing I will stop looking for whats next and keep my to favs, (above), there will be little reason to upgrade for years.

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On article Camera roundups: What to buy and why (286 comments in total)

1st the obvious. This site is "free" we love it. We use it. Perhaps we click on a link and buy something from time to time. The work that goes into this site is much appreciated. As for the Enthusiasts ILC, "who knows" one persons perfect Nikon is another Samsung... peace

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Johnsonj: Very nice. I'll get the next one as I just got the 5, 10 mos. ago.

Here's my dilemma: when do I use my RX100? Many times I carry both, the RX100 for pictures and iPhone for video. But that's a pain switching back-and-forth. I love RX100 and know it's better for stills and movies, but the iPhone is convenient, small, useful apps, and it's always with me.

Wish Apple would partner with Sony to combine iPhone with RX100.

I too carry that same combo. The other day, on the beach with family, I used both, however for CU of my daughters little girl, the RX100, zoom, excellent resolution, fill flash, (titled the head back), etc. I love my iPhone and as I have noted in prior posts, I for one a former professional photographer, rarely print photos, I haven't gone to 11 x 14 in years. Much of my "work" is as another poster disparagingly mentioned uploaded or emailed, Instagram is enjoyable, twitter a good way to share my daily "shots will walking" around NYC, perfect. Most of us know when to reach for a "real" camera, most of us know when to use a DSLR or RX100 or, yes, the iPhone... its all cool people... enjoy your photos, share um if you got um...

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