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On article Samsung unveils 256GB EVO Plus microSD card (91 comments in total)

33 hours of HD video and 55,200 photographs. I wish the advertising agencies would get over using these basically meaningless metrics on SD cards the way they finally did on HDDs.

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Retro1976: Well good new for Canon. I just sold my Fuji gear. Been round the block Olympus, Sony, Fuji and now I'm returning back to a DSLR. Why you ask ? I miss the nice grip, the intuitive menu system, the fast accurate focusing, the ever growing array of killer third party lenses and the week long battery life. Trust me I love mirrorless and will miss many aspects of the bodies I have used, but no one yet to had figured out how to make small without compromise.

Haven't tried Panasonic yet eh?

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saiko: Thanks Google!
The editing features in it are great. Hope Google integrates it in their Android apps such as Snapseed and Google photo .

That is exactly why Google bought the company. So they could put the technology into their backend for web and mobile apps. Also Snapseed was a part of the Nik Software purchase (same company).

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On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (718 comments in total)

I like it, but why change to a blue color scheme? Why not keep the dark gray navigation header and footer, and just change the page content area to the white theme?

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Soooo, flip phone with a better camera? Is that what I'm seeing here? This is interesting, but not patent worthy. I kind of hope they fire the patent clerk that approved this one.

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eno2: Good news. This probably means GH5 (or whatever the name) will come in
2016 with probably 6K video and 60p 4K, followed two years later by the
next GH camera with organic sensor and 8K video.

I'm sort of thinking the GH5 might be a refined 4K system with, like you say, 60p or better and 1080p RAW. Not sure if they would attempt 6K in the GH5 or rather wait for GH6 and try to jump all the way to 8K.

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Scott Eaton: I recently helped install a large 3x3 matrix video all in a night club, and if you want to see how limited 1080p is you should see Sunday NFL on that thing. Totally dreadfull - 4k/8k can't come fast enough.

The 4k/8k debate has three entirely distinct debates; aquisition, broadcast, and display. Display is already there, and home TVs are getting big enough to need the extra resolution. Broadcast is almost entirely political - the bandwidth is there, but also lobbiests pushing for cartels on data bandwidth.

Aquisition is a different debate entirely. I agree with the skeptics here in that whats the point in doing 4k pro-sumer if we can't do 1080p correctly and have to toss 80% of our chroma information to keep file sizes practical? I still think if we have 5 or even 6 color sensors with more discrete luminance sensitivity we would have better data to start with and could be upscaled to the same quality level. The samples of 4k video I have show outstanding detail, but little else.

I'm not sure NFL and similar TV shows really qualify for the "too close" reasoning. When you see shots from up in the bleachers, having a screen the fills your entire view, almost like being there in the stadium, makes for a good argument toward having 4K or 8K. The closer to real life resolution the better.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4: a quick summary (471 comments in total)
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photobeans: 4K is coming fast and furious. 4K TV for $1,000 is coming out this year. But i've got to wonder if 8K is gonna hit just as hard in 2 years and obsolete 4k quickly.

8K or 16K will be good (for home users) when they finally invent some OLED paint, where we can just paint a wall, hook a controller strip down the side and watch a movie, or multiple movies, across the entire surface.

It would be pretty cool to put up a live 8K stream of your front yard and then have the wall appear to not be there anymore.

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