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JosephScha: A few days before Sony's announcement Panasonic had a different take on global shutter that didn't get cited as news here. Here's their press release:

Was planing on asking about this as well. Sony's 1MP announcement vs Panasonics 33MP sensor. I wonder which news is the bigger deal?


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The problem I have experienced in the past with the "visit" link is that sometimes it takes you to the home page of a blog, where the image first appeared, but since then has rolled into the archives making it hard to find the actual image on the site.

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Arneb: Canon: "Our camera's are the best"

*Posts picture taken with Fuji mirrorless camera*

Lol. Or:

Canon: "Our cameras take great photos. Much like this one from a Fuji camera."

*Posts picture taken with Fuji mirrorless camera*

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OBI656: Ohh, the preferences panel will not open now, interesting update...

The preference panel works fine for me, on Windows 10 (1709).
Affinity Photo v1.6.0.89
Affinity Designer v.

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yslee1: Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Just like standalone Lightroom would be, right?

15 May 2013: Adobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty stressed that Adobe has, 'no plans to make Lightroom subscription-only at any point in the future.'

Hehe. Proof that Adobe doesn't plan very far into the future.

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1623 comments in total)

Is the Creative Suite subscription system so bad that now they are trying to prop it up with mandatory Light Room subscriptions? Or did it turn out so good that they think Light Room development will benefit similarly?

Regardless, for me I guess it's time to try out some of the open source options that I've been putting off like: digiKam and RawTherapee.

I already started testing Affinity Photo as a Photoshop replacement and it isn't too bad. Mainly just a re-learning curve from switching brands.

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Christop82: I can see the draw of returning to film. I enjoy taking the best photo I can without editing. If only film was more affordable to develop....

What does film have to do with taking the best photo you can in camera?

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What makes it better than the 14TB HGST drive currently in preview to OEMS, or the 12TB WD gold drive announced last month or the 12TB HGST drive announced back in April?

Is it just the built in SSD cache?




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David Chien: http://www.avid.com/media-composer-first
Okay, everyone step back and drop the FCP!!
Y'all holding Obsolete there! Can't even handle 4K+ video editing!
Why not try free instead? AVID Media Composer First - the free 4 video track version of AVID Media Composer, which is THE HOLLYWOOD Industry STANDARD video editing software?
After all, if you ever want to get the $200k+/Year union editing job, you'll want to know AVID so well you can edit sleeping.
FCP7? Joke - a handful of Hollywood feature films, none of them breaking $500 million, probably not even $300 million.
Premiere? Ditto when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters.
AVID? 99% of the Hollywood films released in theaters today that mean anything.
Now, aside from Avid, yes, many go for Premiere/CC Cloud because it's integrated and comes with Photoshop, After Effects, and most everything else an independent/short film maker would ever need. But, you have to pay $20/month+ forever.

Or try the Black Magic Design products. Resolve and Fusion.

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Karroly: How much time does it take for the ISS to cross the solar disk ? As it is a 16 s video, recorded at 1,500 fps and played back at 30 fps I suppose, I guess this is something around 0.3 s.
Am I right ?

It depends on whether they slowed down the video to keep all the captured frames or if dropped frames to keep it in real time.

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maxnimo: Long time ago I saw a direct projection of the sun onto a flat surface, showing a very detailed sun surface the size of a dinner plate. But I have no idea what sort of lens system they used.

Probably aluminum foil and a pin hole.

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I wonder how it could be more affordable than ever since I paid $49.99 for Paintshop Pro Ultimate X8 a couple years ago. That release seems like a more affordable price than this release.

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I think if the rest of your points are met then #3 could be overlooked. There are plenty of things that people will put effort into setting up as long as it works from that point forward.

However, if it's inconvenient every time they use it it will quickly be passed over and forgotten about.

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XeroJay: I'm not big on pushing any product or app, as most are cash grabs at best. Fundy Album Designer is one tool that I can whole heartedly recommend though. There have only been a couple of tools that I can honestly say have saved me more than than their sticker price worth of my time, and Fundy is one of them. I do 100 page books for my clients, and about 20 of those per year. I've calculated that Fundy has saved me about 5 hours of time per book, or 100 hours per year. I value my time at $200/hr, so you do the math.

So are you saying that when you watch a good movie, it was really worth $400 in entertainment value to you?

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I just watched their entire video presentation of their new live production products, for which this streamer is one piece of.

BMD Live Production and Broadcast Press Conference 2017

Pretty nice looking modular system over all.

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How come we don't see 24-1000 mm removable lenses that are not obnoxiously big? Are they doing something special with everything integrated that makes this work so much better than it would with a removable lens?

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s_grins: It is hard do decide between 2017 ON1 RAW developer and Affinity 1.5
ON1 software UI is made for photographer, while Affinity UI is more of traditional PS.
Should I buy both? That is why it is hard to decide.

Affinity Photo has a history view. By default the pallet is in the same group as the Navigator. But it can be checked on/off under the View>Studio>History menu item.

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(unknown member): Looks very promising and affordable too. I can't seem to find a link to a demo/try-out version. Am I overlooking it?

In one of the emails they sent me at the end of the Beta they said they were working on the Demo version. Apparently it requires some extra code that they didn't worry about during the Beta testing.

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Delos: I've been trying this out on some really old photos that are, more or less, permanently stuck inside a photo album from the early 1970's. I'm having a problem with 1) glare, if the image is on glossy paper, 2) stippling, if the photo is one of those that has had its surface roughened mechanically (as was the custom in the 70's. The image was printed on glossy paper and then ran through a pressure process that produced tiny indentations in the surface, 3) combo of glare and stippling on some images. These problems may be due to my technique, so I'm going to try a few different things to correct the problems. Not sure if anything will work, though, since the app takes over operation of the camera after that initial shot is taken. Color correction of these old, faded, magenta tinted photos is another matter entirely. (BTW: the photos I'm working with cannot be easily removed from the photo album due to adhesive holding them in place. These were the days before "Post-It Note" glue.)

Having the same problem with the textured photos. Some of them end up with bits of white like it had dust specs, but it seems to be just the areas of the texture reflecting back or something.

Also not really good color correction options for an old faded photo. I was sort of hoping they were going to provide some "machine learned" color correction options.

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On article Yi action camera updates original with 4K video (51 comments in total)

I wish these action camera companies would offer swapable lenses for 90 degree or 80 degree fields of view.

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