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A decent photographer can use any system to get great images. I jJust read some of the garbage replies on this post. It's a camera brand. Please get real and get a life people. I shot with Canon for over 30 years and love their lenses. I also admire Nikon. Sony has been on an innovation binge over the past 5 years and like many I switched. Does not make other brands awful? No. Most people here can't see the bigger picture. Our beloved hobby is in serious trouble as people dessert cameras for phones. I want canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony and all others to innovate like crazy and keep people using great cameras.

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Nice to see this, so interesting!

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$2,000? I just bought a 27" iMac for the same price. Thunderbolt 3 ports, a computer thrown in for free and a 1TB fusion drive. Am I missing something?

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As an iPhone user I'd say they booth look awesome. We're lucky to have the choice.

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On article Nikon developing D6 professional DSLR (1010 comments in total)

Announced in terror at the likely arrival of the a92 from Sony. I hope they do something amazing as none of us has any interest in the demise of another brand.

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Photography is supposed to be fun. Relax a little, live a little.

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Don’t need or want 61 mpxls. Already have 42. However, did I hear that it has the AF system of the A9? If yes, I’m in. If no, i’ll get an A9.

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My son loves photography, but he's never understood my desire to "lug all that gear around." The iPhone was launched when he was 9 and within 4-5 years he was addicted to his new camera. He's seen quantum jumps in performance and the ongoing development of ML and AI supporting computational photography will make our gear look like the old wooden plate cameras of yesteryear. He values the output, the convenience, the ever present nature and he shoots RAW and edits in Pixelmator and with other tools. He exclusively views his photos on a phone, with occasional views on a laptop.

We are in the midst of a relentless change - but it contains huge excitement and opportunity.

Our cameras and lenses will increasingly look like relics from a bygone era. It's sad, but if we think this is not happening, that there is a bottom of this decline, that our systems will evolve fast enough, that mirrorless is the future, we're only deceiving ourselves.

This much is clear, and clarity is power.

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cdembrey: Japan is Japan. It isn't the US of A or Europe. Different likes and dislikes makes it a fools game to try to interpolate sales trends.

Head firmly buried in the sand ;(. if you're a Japanese company and you're home market is huge, the sale performance does matter. I used to lead a global brand and these numbers do matter.

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On article Video: The history of B&H in 91 seconds (177 comments in total)

Great store, fantastic service, fun to visit. That said I buy almost everything on line from Amazon. Except my photo gear, which I buy from B&H and Adorama. One reason, sales tax.

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The CV 65/2 is epic, and I love my CV40/1.2. I have shot macro since being at college and would never use AF. I also prefer an adjustable aperture ring. If this lens is as good as the 65 it's going to be highly prized by a few of us. It's a totally different lens to a Batis 135/2.8 or Canon 135/2L (which I have). BTW - best macro lens I have used is the Bokina 90/2.5.

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photogeek: Sony drives a hard bargain. On the one hand their prime lens lineup is pitiful at best. On the other, I will no longer buy a camera which does not have in body stabilization or evf, and Sony basically has no competition there. I just wish they overhauled their navigation. Today it’s not as bad as in the days of NEX7, but compared to Canon/Nikon/Oly it’s a steaming pile of spaghetti.

Uninformed and inaccurate is the best description of the poster who won't even use a real name. After 35 years I switched from Canon to Sony and have zero regrets. Yes Canon has some great lenses and yes I use many Canon primes on my Sony. However, the offerings from Sony, Zeiss and Voigtlander cover all my needs and more. The biggest problem in Sony land is the constant arrival of interesting new lenses from Sigma, Voigtlander, Laowa and others. Then the is the hidden secret that there are literally hundreds of great classic lenses that I can attach to my a7r2. the real proof of the inaccuracy of the OP is the fact that i have more lenses today than i ever did when I owned my Canon. Maybe, you should wake up and see Sony's move as good news for Canikon shooters as well.

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Wonderful tutorial. I'm a little surprised at some of the comments. I've ben Phlearning for years and now love taking my favorite images for a trip into PhotoChop. I use ultra "sharp" primes and they hugely benefit from post work. Be it color, luminosity blending and masking, or sharpness. Thanks to DP Review for taking us beyond comparing equipment.

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DPR comments have sadly become increasingly irrelevant as people desperately try and support their positions, not matter how unrealistic they actually are. there is nothing wrong with SLR cameras and those that like them should stay there. I personally switched to mirrorless and in terms of photo technology it was a great decision for me.

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panther fan: So instead of doing lens Reviews, DPreviw rather wants to become a second petapixel

Barney, thanks for engaging. Of course I want lens reviews. But lenses are such a huge challenge as there are so many and so varied. For example, many will want 24-70 and 70-200 reviews. Not me, give me a Voigtlander 40/1.2 FE mount review. There in lies the challenge. I assume that as a commercial site you have to justify time spent with potential traffic generated. BTW - I'd far prefer reviews of RAW editors :)

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On article RIP Canon's Chuck Westfall, 1952-2018 (70 comments in total)

I knew of him very well and he commanded all our respect. Times like this show how unimportant our brand loyalties really are. There are great people in all these companies and he was certainly one of them.

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This made me both sad and ashamed. Thanks for sharing.

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sandy b: Gee, here is an idea, how about reviewing it on a CANON camera?

I use canon lenses on my Sony a7r2. FD28, 50 and 135 along with 135L an 200Ls.

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Many very silly, bitter, sad and jealous comments on here. Really interesting video for me. As an ex canon shooter who used to 300/2.8L IS this was a curiosity. Seriously, some people on here need to get a life.

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On article Why you should own a 135mm F2 lens (387 comments in total)
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Tester_v: Canon 200mm f2.8 L is as good as 135mm and yuo can get one for about $300 used...

I have them both and they are excellent, but very different.

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