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CameraLabTester: The secret is out:

There will be fragments of REAL Moon rocks inside the camera!

Owning a camera with MOON ROCKS in the innards is such an exclusive club!

Too bad NASA can't plop it's logo... it's supposed to be a space agency.

Well... Sony and Hassy also got lots of space... in their brains.


mine will be made from cryptonite, then i will sell it to lex luthor to beat superman, just by taking his photo.

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MaikeruN: Dear posters below,

It doesn't matter what you say, about the price, the design, the principles, values, practicality, etc. This camera will sell. People are going to buy it. People will love it. They won't have enough of it. Leica is still going to be around, possibly a lot longer than you. And you know what? They're gonna make more limited edition products just like this.

I don't own a Leica, maybe I never will, but as a fellow photographer, I think it's pretty cool to spice some stuff up a bit sometimes. If you don't get at all excited over anything camera related (and it applies to all the other product announcements) then maybe photography ain't for you. Unless you're just a boring purist photographer, in which case you should just buy yourself an SD1 and not bother posting anything at all.

Please stop crying.

This is similar with
people who bought patek phillippe watches, while Orient is offering similar technology with a much lower price.
people who bought a Hermes Birkin Bag, while their 1 on 1 replica with the same quality, and functionality (Made in Korea) offering the 1/100 price..
its all about luxury and status.
if you have the money, you cant buy it..
if you dont, then you can complain here..
it is normal..

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topstuff: What no floppy disk drive ??? Scandalous. My 386 PC will do just fine.

no my 386 already has CGA Display.. it was resolutionary..

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Chris_in_Osaka: I own and use both FF (5D Mark II) and M4/3's (E-PL1 and E-PL2).

Full frame are seriously over rated. I more often than not grab one of my Olympus cameras rather than the Canon. Apart from the obvious, weight, one reason is I can get more depth of field at lower aperture. FF shallow DOF can have it's disadvantages. In lower light you have to crank up the iso to match what you'd get at lower iso's on m4/3's, so noise goes up and the large sensor advantage goes out the window.
The famous phrase goes..."f8 and be there." Well, I'm sure whoever said it (Weegee or Capa, depending on which historian you believe) would have loved to "be there" shooting with a smaller lens at f4 and getting the same result.
I for one would prefer to carry around a small f2.8 (f5.6 equiv) m4/3 lens (or preferably f2.4, or even f2 if small enough) rather than my Canon 70-200 f4L and get similar results so I welcome these editions to the m4/3 lens line up.
The people criticizing need to get a clue.

I have sold my Canon 1D system in exchange with the m4/3 system ...I prefer to walk around with small gear in my neck rather than showing around a huge camera that scares people away.
although the 1D IQ is much better than the m4/3..
so i think its all about preferences...there is always compromise..

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