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User6785200711: Are you still happy with all the cloud applications? They have all the people in control. They know what you do, can see what you do, and the best for them you have to pay. All the big firms are going this way.....freedom? of coarse not......the big guys have everything in control, it's all part of the plan :-)

Very happy. I have nothing to hide. Love the CC products, especially the iPad apps.

And...I'm an Adobe, Apple, Google and Microsoft shareholder.

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Terrance13: Sony will have to start honoring their warranties and have a good repair service if they are to gain ground in the pro market. The last time that I sent a Sony camera in for what was advertised as a free sensor replacement (Sony made a very bad batch of sensors), the repair station was like Joe's Bar and Grill in Muckshoe Texas and they demanded $100 for the "free"repair. So much for Sony.
Incidentally, I also had Canon and Nikon cameras with the same bad Sony sensors, and they really did do free sensor replacements. So it will be a very cold day in July before I consider buying a new Sony camera.

You win the award for the most stretched troll on why you won’t buy Sony - the failure of a point-and-shoot camera that occurred so long ago you can’t remember.

Do us all a favor, and don’t buy a Sony - and then come complaining on their forums.

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QuarryCat: Simply not for me.
Price-quality-factor is not fullfilling.
Cameras like 7III have a catastropic viewfinder and ar too squeezed at hand.

Alpha 7R and 9 have just crazy prices.
Lenses are meanwile ok, but not better.
Wrong strategy for me.

Been using my A7III for 3 weeks. I have better than 20-20 vision because I have intraocular lenses - which have made me more critical of everything photographic.

Once I had my IOLs, and I saw a 5K iMac screen in my local Apple store, I immediately ordered one. It was on my desk before the A7III arrived.

The A7III EVF is terrific. The grip fits my hand - and apparently, that of thousands of happy users. Don’t see many (any) available used.

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mxx: And in other news:

The A7III is loaded and nevertheless is likely very profitable. Like computers, the prices will likely stay constant, but they’ll give you more for your money,

Re lenses - I’d be surprised if the average Sony A7 series customer buys more than 2-3 lenses. The are highly unlikely to try to offer $399 zooms.

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boy_wander: If Sony really is serious about this claim they have to capitalize on a couple of things

1. After A7SIII, stop FF development of new bodies and offer cheaper glass. Improve some of the f/4 zooms. Offer 1.8 primes

2. Take back APSC market from Fuji. Not sure why they gave this away. Fuji form factor is almost as big as MF. They need to dedicate GM equivalent glass for APSC.

3. Work on the success of the RX cameras to satisfy the vloggers.

4. Sony FDR upgrade to dominate the action cam market. Gopro is dying, don't just give it to Yi. If they introduce slog PP on their action cam they would be in a good place in that market

5. Jump into the smartphone market - make a camera centric phone. Face it, no one cares about other features on the phones (other than the basics). It's all about the camera now.

I think they are better equipped than a customer to know how to make money in the camera business.

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ttran88: Mirrorless is just a fad, Canon and Nikon will want a piece of the action to milk their user base. An adapter to work with their current lenses is almost a certainty. But they will cripple it’s function and force their faithfuls to open up their wallets and buy the native lenses. Get ready to spend big bucks!!

Yes, mirrorless is just a fad. Like Leica said about the SLR in 1959 when Nikon introduced the F system, "SLR is just a fad." Five years later, Leica introduced its first SLR, hopelessly behind Nikon, and despite later improved SLRs, never recovered its pro leadership.

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xiao_xiang: Today I stopped by a Sony store to check out some of their wares.

Walking through the camera section, I decided to have a look at the A7iii. While they didn't have that model in stock, I checked out the A7s, A7rii, and A7riii.

Beautiful to hold, well balanced with their kit lens, just lovely actually. More compact than my D750 and frankly a more modern look. I have previously "decided" to get a mirrorless camera probably next year.

Raising the Sony models to my eyes, one model after the other, the EVF were just awful. Lacking in contrast and detail, I was dismayed to realize that EVF's have not come along as much as I expected in the last 5 years. Adding to the distraction, focusing caused the image to jitter and jump around. It's like looking at an old CRT TV.

Blame me for liking an OVF all you like. But these view finders needs to get WAY more resolution and quality. Instead of faux 1080p, they need to be 4K viewfinders. Then let's talk.

Unlike most everyone commenting, my first digital camera was an Olympus C2100 UZ with a crude EVF, then a Sony DSC-F717 with a somewhat better one. Moved to a DSLR with a Nikon D70, and really "missed" the EVF, which more closely resembled ground glass focusing than an OVF. Then to a D300, then a pair of D7000s. Was intrigued by the idea that I could shoot my old Leica M mounts on an NEX-6 - and when I first looked through its finder at B&H, I was floored. More than I hoped for. Like a eye-level view camera. The A7 was even better!

Before I had a superwide for my A7, I had to take a big indoor group photo that necessitated a really wide lens - so I attached my 11-16mm f2.8 Tokina to one of my D7000s.

I'd been shooting with an FE 35mm f2.8 on the A7, and the room looked nice and bright, even though many of the exposures were just 1/30th at f2.8, ISO 3200. But when I looked through the OVF of the D7000, I was shocked - who turned out the lights?

Went home and sold my Nikons.

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On article Opinion: the Sony a7 III could be the new Nikon D750 (1162 comments in total)

I don't understand the attacks on Sony from Nikon and Canon owners here.

Why do you care what DPR thinks? Or what Sony shooters think?

I can guess why you're concerned - Sony keeps moving the technology goal posts, while Canon and Nikon keep making the same-old/same-old. But the day Canon announced the EOS mount and dumped FD, I was done with Canon. Loyalty to a brand just makes you the first victim when the subject of your adoration finally wakes up and walks out.

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K1000usr: Having briefly played with this camera, Fuji X-H1 is one solid product! Wonderful shutter. Body is bigger than before, but lot sturdier, and not bulky like a FF DSLR.

Compared to X-H1, my Pentax K-1 is boxy. Yes, a Sony FF A9 or A7** would be smaller -- but won't feel this solid. On a travel trip, I will feel more confident that the X-H1 will withstand harsh weather better than my Sony.

I think the penchant for ruggedized/weatherproof cameras built to drive 10-penny nails has gotten extreme. On the Sony forum, we occasionally hear sad stories about cameras dunked in rogue waves and when toppled off a tripod onto granite rocks. The vast majority of us simply don’t treat cameras that way.

I’m sure Fuji makes great cameras and lenses - they’ve been at it for decades, and their TV zoom lenses dominate broadcast TV globally. Like some people hate Apple, some people hate Sony...or find a way to pick them apart. Unfortunately for the nay-sayers, both Apple and Sony have tremendous technologic firepower.

At relatively little more than an APS-C body, the A7III offers great value for money, and Sony’s introduction of fast and affordable 28mm, 50mm and. 85mm lenses illustrates the future of photography. Its weight is pretty comparable to the larger APS-C and MFT bodies, too.

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ABW: I'm looking at getting one of these when it hits.

Could anyone advise what the most practical 'kit' combination of the A7iii would be?
i.e. with the 28-70mm or the 50mm lens.
I specifically shoot street, architecture/landscape, the odd portrait. I also shoot video.
Obviously no one lens does all things but I'm looking for the best compromise in the base kit – I'm not (and won't be) in the position of acquiring specific lenses for the foreseeable future - so dropping another grand or two on additional lenses isn't practical.

Any advice is helpful (preferably not "you should not waste your money and get a _______ instead" comments lol).


Go to the Flickr forum and check out the many excellent images made with this lens - even at 28 and 70mm almost wide open at the most condemned focal lengths

Then check the images posted with any lens by those who say it’s crap.

No, it is not my favorite lens at all - I’m a prime shooter. But it’s a lens I can mount and hand my camera to any non-photg and be sure they’ll make a good image.

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G1Houston: For a "basic" model, ie pro-consumers are its targeted buyers, I wish it had a built-in flash.

Where do you travel where you don’t see a “no flash” sign when an amateur might want one? With today’s high-ISO performance sensors, even an f4/4.5 lens works very well. The puny flash built into most cameras is useless at distances more than about 3-4 meters, and not at all for fill flash in bright sunlight at even shorter distances. It serves no purpose except to get those who use them deservedly thrown out of museums and concerts and churches.

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marc petzold: The rear LCD should have had 1.44 MP, and the EVF should have been the current, 3.68 MP EVF, built-into the A7R III & A9, at this price point. 921/922k is soo 2008, when it was being introduced (albeit w/o touch-screen functionality) with the D90 & A700. :-)

Exact the same resolution, almost 10 years ago - from a rear TFT LCD Screen...which is into 2018 somewhat "meh" or low-res.

The other specs are way good - but it cost 2k USD into USA, here into Europe, it's been 2300 EUR - which is almost like 4600 DM (D-Mark) which can't being considered "basic" or "cheap" into any way. more ~2860 USD into comparsion, by daily exchange rates.

And 2860$ doesn't sound anymore so "basic" or "cheap", even for the US. But that's what we do have to pay in Germany.

Somewhat cheap (into FF-terms) is the current A7 I, which i still own & shoot, which costs 800 EUR into germany - i do guess into US, it's also being way cheaper...sad, but true. Europeans are being ripped off....

Good Light !

Come to NYC, get a good deal from B&H, spend your VAT savings on everything else NYC/USA offers: Our steaks and ethnic food and great museums (love the Met). But spoiler alert: An A7III here costs about as much as a good seat at “Hamilton.”

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rockjano: Watch out Nikon and Canon Sony is on the move..... !!!

They’ve been watching. They believe they don’t have to move, because of the investment people have in their glass. In. Nikon’s case, that’s probably true.

We forget that Canon and Nikon are “focused” on moving those boxes of entry and mid-level cameras and “kits” stacked near the entrance of Sam’s Club and BJ’s and especially Costco - they are still targeting what they think are “people who are good with smartphones and want something better.” That train has left the station, but Sony competitors don’t know it.

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Roland Schulz: Sony please bring us a fine and small 35 1.8 or 2.0 lens ;-)!
This is missing and would be great to have!
This old 35 1.4 Zeiss is TO BIG and also not the sharpest.

I shoot about 50% of my family activity and walk-around scenics with my 1981 Leica 35mm f1.4 Summilux-M mounted on my A7II with a TechArt AF adapter. Indoors at f2, that old lens is terrific in the center - and by f2.8, the edges and corners shape up pretty well. In good golden light where I can - and do - shoot most of my travel scenics, it’s truly excellent. But I do need a silent shutter - I had to stop shooting at one event because the shutter on an A7II is too loud, Right now, my debate is - do I buy a used A7RII or a new A7III at the same price?

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Jonathan F/2: Hmm, what are the chances Nikon releases a D750 replacement with the body of a D850 and the sensor of the D5 and price it to compete with the A7III? I might go for that instead!

Now that would be the true success to the D700!

When you’re staring down the barrel of a competitor that can produce a camera with the features of a A7III at under $2000, it sort of kills a competitor’s interest to risk losing money on such an effort. Canon will do what it always has done: Argue to its customer base that “you don’t want mirrorless” and pray. It’s worked up until now.

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Love this! Who has more hair? :)

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stefpix: I drove to the Lofoten islands from Milan, Italy, late summer, sometimes in the 1990s, really great place. We were camping in cabins, someone suggested we'd go fishing as food was quite expensive compared to Italy. Just a fishing line and a lure and caught some large cods from a pier. Place was amazing. Consider that that area of Norway is warmed up by the gulf stream and the sea is ice free (that is why the British and the Germans fought hard in WW2 for the control of the port of Narvik). I think the weather there may be warmer than Maine or Massachusetts, or at least comparable, where people often surf in the winter. Nice video. But there are good roads to get there and frequent ferries. The video may dramatize the situation as the music does. Although an amazing place, few people live there and everything is accessible, without the constraints you find in the USA between private property fences and national parks regulations. Many go spearfishing for large fish there. Check youtube.

Spearfishing in the fjords? For what? Since many are almost a mile deep, I'd be afraid of coming face to face with some ancient monster!

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VidJa: Norway, just as the rest of Europe is indeed overrun by tourists of the snapshot kind. This summer we really had to go far off the main roads to find some quiet place. It is still there, just not obvious. That said I met a couple from Arizona that traveled the world near Voss. They found Norway was the most breathtaking place they had seen accessible for everyone

Agree on Norway being breathtaking -and you don't need to go as far north as Lofoten. Last May, we bypassed Oslo and flew directly into Bergen - and from there, "circumnavigated" Norway's largest fjord, Sognefjord, in a rented car. I agree, Norway is much under-rated and often crossed off as very expensive. The scenery is simply spectacular, the roads a bit harrowing (just one car wide with many cutoffs, long tunnels with no illumination), and the people quite friendly. It's a landscape photographer's paradise. Even the 2 rainy days provided spectacular images. We stayed in multiple Airbnb apartments along the fjord, never paying more than $100 per night, preparing dinners and lunches from food bought in markets (not a big deal since there really are few restaurants on the fjord-edge roads). Spring thaw yields unbelievable waterfalls, many 100 meters or more high, a few actually cascading along the fjord road, orchards in bloom, sheep with lambs everywhere. Check it out!

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meanwhile: Wish the Ultron was for E-Mount too.

It’s manual focus. A $15 M to E adapter is all you need

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Osa25: “faceID” is something that was already on Samsung phones years ago, wasn’t it? And I don’t remember it being all that effective either - even a finger smudge on front-facing camera and it was all wonky.

That's the story of so many Samsung "firsts" - to market first with a bleh feature or product.

My grandfather always told me "They don't pay for the start of a horse race - they pay at the finish." That's why Apple has virtually all the profits in the global smartphone market, and Samsung keeps losing high end sales to Apple.

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