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Lives in Canada Ottawa, Canada
Works as a Radio Engineer
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About me:

Current: Olympus OM-D E-M1.1, Panasonic GX8, GX7, GM5
Panasonic TS3

Olympus M43 9-18, 25/1.8, 75/1.8

Panasonic M43 12-32, 12-35/2.8, 14-42pz, 14-45, 15/1.7, 20/1.7, 35-100/2.8, 42.5/1.7, 45-150, 45-200, 100-300, 100-400

Rokinon M43 7.5/3.5 Laowa M43 7.5/2.0

Olympus 4/3: 50/2 Macro, SWD 50-200 F/2.8-3.5, EC-14, EC-20

Canon FD: 17/4, 24/2, 28/2.8, 50/1.4, 85/1.8, 135/2.5, 200/4, 200/2.8, 400/4.5, 1.4xTC, 2.0xTC

Metabones FD/M43 0.71x, Fotodox FD/M43 shift
Konica Hexanon: 40/1.8, 55/3.5 Macro

Tripods & Heads:
Induro CT214 w/ Sirui K30
Siruii T-1205X w/ K10
Induro A012 w/ SA0
Giotto MML3290 w/ Sirui K20
Jobu Junior

SW: Capture One

Digital Camera History:-
Olympus U410; Canon A700, G9, G11; Panasonic G1, G1X, G5, GM1
Olympus 1030SW, Pentax W60, Panasonic ZS7

Film Camera History:- Canon FTb, Yashica Rangefinder

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  • I have got a few good deals by waiting until the new models are announced and then buying the discontinued stock on the Apple Store as clearance.
  • Replied in indeed...
    Good to know. I worked for McBain camera about 45 years ago. I still visit Edmonton on occasion.
  • Replied in indeed...
    Can you name your Brick and Mortar store?
  • Well said. Those with GAS and the impulsive system changers are going to spend a ton of money. Photographers are going to have a good time.
  • This is typical pricing strategy. I have the older kit lens, the 14-45, and I find myself still using it all these years. However I would like to replace it with the 12-60 if I can get a deal like ...
  • There are actually two pertinent questions -  how does this affect security, and what's the risk of an unwanted consequence as a result of this. The first question has been very clearly answered, ...
  • Interesting idea. Does this have any impact on security?
  • Hi CJ I don't use link agregation (LAG) as I'm fairly satisfied with the ether net speed I get with out out it. Basically my configuration is this: GS108TVd layer 2 switch with no special ...
  • 2 stops is theoretical -  1.5 is close enough to the theory. Agreed Agreed. Keep the ISO down. Yes, also get great results with my E-M1, GM5 and GX8 etc. Key is to keep the ISO somewhat low, stay ...
  • The LAN cables can be a bottle neck but far more than that the switching between LAN cabels is an important factor. A relatively inexpensive to get reasonable LAN speeds is use Gigbit Ethernet ...
  • I had a look at the pictures ypou've posted. First, keep in mind that with M43, the image is approximately as noisy as a FF images with 4x the ISO. Theat image with the large family -  ISO 2000 -  ...
  • Replied in Panasonic Lens
    The idea of the whole MicroFourThirds system is that every Pnasnic M43 lens and every Olympus M43 mounts and operates on every M43 camera from Panasonic and Olympus. My15/1.7 fits on everything ...
  • i got some work to do this weekend as I check all this out
  • Created discussion thread Dead?? iMac
    I have a late 2009 27" iMac, not used for quite few months since I replaced it with a newer one. I turned on, it booted successfully, I applied a an OSX Security update,  and now when it boots, the ...
  • It seems that nothing will do for you but a fast 20 to 60 zoom from Olympus or Panasonic. You can wait for it and perhaps you and I will be pleasantly surprised. Or perhaps you will just wait for a ...
  • That, and also provides a common ground for AC, coax and phone systems, with a very short low inductance path to earth ground.
  • What lens is that you have adapted? EXIF says that its an EF 36-107, is that before after focal reduction? Having trouble finding it.
  • Perhps consider a used Olympus E-M1 (original) which is available for a reasonable cost as users are upgrading to the E-M1 mark II. You will get a 16MP sensor with a 2 stop improvement in dynamic range
  • Hi Ellis Good find. I note particularly the following section of the best answer: Eaton sells a home entry service protector kit for about $200 which meets this requirement. I have purchased this ...
  • Raher tha wishing for a lens which is not even on any development roadmap, and would be rather expensive and heavy even if delivered (at least 1 year in the future), perhaps consider the following ...
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