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I own a P-330 and am generally pleased with it. It is truly pocketable, has a larger than avg sensor and RAW capability. It also has been for a while about the cheapest true compact you could find with these features. The P-330 is capable of excellent phots in macro and well lit situations. Unfortunately, the cam suffers from several operational shortcomings such as slow-as-molasses processing of RAW files and poor low light performance.
So what were they thinking with the P-340? Adding Wifi and GPS without addressing the shortcomings is just perplexing, as if they had no idea what enthusiast owners wanted/needed. What the update should have had in addition to wifi/GPS (and really needs) is a better processor, an updated sensor, an AE lock, a touchscreen, DNG RAW, and 4.5 or less aperture at max telephoto. Until Nikon sees fit to address some of these issues, I would just go with a P-330 for $197 and wait to see if the P-350 gets it right.

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On photo The little girl in the Monsters, Ghouls & Other Horror Stories challenge (2 comments in total)

I'd love to know a bit about how you achieved this look. I can see a texture, but how did you get the smudgy effect? It also seems as though part of the girl's skirt is transparent and there seems to be a reflection in front of her legs. A very intriguing and yes, haunting image.

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