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Agree! I also bought one for the same reason: smallest with APS-C, excellent lens and very good high ISO performance.

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This lens is just fantastic!

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I recently bought my new Canon OES M only to find out that its RAW files were not supported by my PS Elements 10 and I either have to use the bundled Canon software (that is quite good as standalone software) or look elsewhere.
I deliberately didn't consider PS Elements 11 as the way Adobe supports exsisting clients is beyond my understanding.
So, I end up with Capture One Express that they sold me for 34.5 Euro through their limited offer. From my perspective it is excellent bundle covering all my needs.

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rgarijo: To all people making fun of the EOS-M...do you have one? or are you repeating what some photography gurus are saying in the internets.
It is an excellent camera, much better that what 90% of amateur users need. Great IQ, better than what m4/3 can deliver. AF is bad for moving objects (just like ANY other CSC system, even Nikon1 is only good in daylight), and usable for any other situation, faster AF than compact cameras, and I see millions of photographers using them daily.
The 22mm lens is excellent and only costs 190€, this 11-22mm lens is cheaper than the OLympus 9-18, half the price of the Sony 10-18, and cheaper than the Nikon1 6.7-13. Well done Canon. In three years Canon will be leader in DSRL and CSC markets.

Absolutely agree with you.
I bought EOS M a month ago, took it to my trip to China and the pictures it produced are excellent.
If you care about IQ and not milliseconds difference in AF speed it is a great small camera rivaling Canon 7D.
I bought it as double kit and both lenses are just great.

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No special postprocessing - just converted the RAW file to JPEG in Corel Aftershot Pro

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esuohe: "reduce the humming noise generated by the camera's stabilization system"

This never used to bother me to begin with, but now that my EM-5 is whisper quiet.. I can't imagine what it sounded like before!

What is the right number of update? My camera shows 1.4 not 1.5.

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Tee1up: These cameras make sense to me with short pancake lenses but as soon as you strap on anything bigger, you have to wonder why folks don't just pick up something like the T4i/T3i.

Those who already own EF lenses also have EF bodies.

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Tee1up: These cameras make sense to me with short pancake lenses but as soon as you strap on anything bigger, you have to wonder why folks don't just pick up something like the T4i/T3i.

When Nikon launched their One series, they offered at start 2 bodies (with and without EVF) and 4 lenses plus the adapter for Nikon full frame and APSC lenses that made sense when it is used with zooms because of huge crop factor.
People had choice but still there was a lot of complaint.

Now we are offered one body with 2 lenses and adapter that makes little sense for me ...

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Precise timing and a lot of details - thank you, Sony!

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max metz: Divorce photography would be much more interesting and less pastiche.

I see it in black and white.
Seriously, a lot of people paying a fortune to the lawers for divorce and there should be a market for this kind of photos.

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