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Triplet Perar: "Milky way over some landscape .."
O boy, what an original idea!
I never saw such an image before. How is that done?!

It would I'd say actually have been a better image without the milky way and indeed I think the majority of the Dolomites images on Shainblum's website are superior to this one.

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PaulSnowcat: Well, that's quite easy to understand. Brazil is a country with insane additional cost, added to all "white" electronics and optics that comes into the country officially. Everyone there is buying "gray" cameras. So having a division in Brazil is simply a waste of money. That's why Nikon close it.

Pretty much, Brazil's high import duty means that almost all the camera market is grey anyway. I remember a few Brazilian posters mentioning this in the past.

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kevin_r: Why is it so heavy????????

Its my brother.

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That's interesting about viewfinder actually shading out parts in the crop mode, less so DX but 5:4 and 1:1 does I think have the potential to effect the way you shoot. I would really have liked to see some kind of panoramic crop option there as well.

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(unknown member): This is why investment houses dont dole out money like the sheep on sites like kickstater.

I'd tend to agree its not so much the concept of crowd funding as the current way its implemented that allows dogy dealers and dreamers to waste peoples money, Some degree of oversight and accountability does IMHO need to be introduced.

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Can't really say I agree with him that "the issue isn't cheating", I think the claims that he may have been favoured in his own comp is exactly the reason this became a story.

I'd agree with Jared that entering your own comp is a questionable idea for the very reason above, it obviously introduces the potential for bias and negative publicity unless your very open about the whole process. That said I can also see reasons why Sal would enter beyond mere ego, a competition is afterall only as good as those who enter it and he could well think that by doing so he was raising the bar.

The idea of the teacher testing the students against himself is afterall not totally unique and Sal didn't sweep every single award so I'm guessing he was likely beaten in several of them.

He seems a little uncharitable about the other awards as well, no there not going to make his work better but they are potentially going to benefit his business both as a wedding shooter and though the community.

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citrate: So, people who want to buy a Fuji GFX or Hasselblad X1D should really save their money now and wait the the new sensors?

There will but in this case I think the wait would be much more merited as you talking a big increase in resolution that is going to highlight the advantages of the format a lot more than the current sensor which is only marginally getting than FF DSLRs.

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sirhawkeye64: I think there's a point, unless you're printing huge prints (like 30x50 ft) that megapixels aren't really going to matter for those who are looking at pictures on a screen or perhaps a smaller print, like 11x17 or even poster sized. Yes, higher resolutions can mean more detail, but I would think at some point, prints would exceed what a human eye can see at normal viewing distance (and not pixel peeping on a computer). Dont' get me wrong, 150MP is going to be impressive, expensive, and probably only for those with fat wallets (at least, to start out with). I can only imagine what the glass would cost for such a system...

That depends a lot on the subject, selling landscape prints for example I have a lot of customers who do value being able to look closely at extra detail on large prints. You wouldn't need to go THAT large to see the benefit of 100 MP over 50 MP, would probably be notable on a 30x24 inch print with high dpi and definitely on a 40x30 inch print.

If Fuji system gets this sensor and the price stays reasonably similar I must admit it will become tempting, at the moment I stitch images for my larger panoramas even shooting with a D800.

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On article Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF bokeh demystified (355 comments in total)

Honestly as with "onion bokeh" what I question is how important is the rendering of artificial points of light? people seem to love to test lenses bokeh by showing them but in terms of real use I very rarely find it an issue. General smoothness of bokeh and of course the simple abiliy to have a very thin depth of field are much bigger issues for me.

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Michael Ma: I think there are people who think they hit the lottery whenever something like this happens. But in the courtroom, your claim has to be justified. This did woman have a job that was going to pay her a 2 billion dollar salary over the course of 10 years, which she got fired from due to this Chipotle ad? No? Then the only loss is being an extra in a photo shoot...if there is such a thing. Maybe $25.

More likely her lawyers know they've hit the jackpot whatever happens.

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usernamealreadyinuse: Ass-kissing absurdity lost me at "3MP is good enough for a magazine cover".

Why? it has nothing to do with the post your responding to.

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loitokitok: Lets face it, who, out of all of you that are complaining / sneering / laughing about this aspect of the D5's performance, would actually be in the market for a camera like this anyway?

The difference is though people were criticiszing Canon for their entire range of DSLR's having a weakness here, I remember very little criticism of the 1DX specifically because that was viewed as a camera not aimed at things like landscape shooting. With Nikon on the other hand you have lots of options for very high DR at base ISO if you want it on cameras aimed more specifically at that market.

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loitokitok: Lets face it, who, out of all of you that are complaining / sneering / laughing about this aspect of the D5's performance, would actually be in the market for a camera like this anyway?

I would say the responses here clearly show though that people who are not "in it" really don't understand what they are talking about and are instead just out to snipe at a "rival brand".

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Robemo: Nice theatrics again from DPReview with such a hysterical headline. It proves what a clever marketing tool of Amazon DPReview has become. Aimed at gear enthusiasts that run to the store to get a new model and/or switch brands just to get the 'best' new model approved by Rishi.

If you are a bit more serious about your photography and certainly when you have to make a living with your images, you'd better stay clear from these crazy headlines and the theatrical reviews. I stopped using DPreview as a serious source of information a long time ago. It's more for entertainment that I drop by every now and then. Very amusing ..

The big difference though is with Canon you were talking about every camera lacking top of the line base ISO DR and the vast majority of the focus was on bodies other than the flagship sports/jurno camera. With Nikon you have that DR performance with many other bodies for those that want it where as a camera like the D5 isn't really aimed at.

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PhalaNik: Have a look at photonstophotos website, compare the D5 to the D4s, compare with the test images here on DPR, it all correlates nicely.

To cut to the chase, above ISO 6400 the D5 shows at best an improvement of 0.5 Stops of DR. between 3200 and 6400 the D5 is less than 0.5 Stop better than its predecessor, ISO 1600-3200 pretty much the same but below 1600 the D4 simply obliterates the D5.

Can any serious pro using this camera in ALL lighting situations which is really whats its for, honestly say that 0.5 Stops of DR above ISO 3200 is worth the considerably worse performance below this.

It's a bit of a joke really, Nikon should have stuck with a Sony sensor on this one. My guess is that the Canon 1Dx2 is going to be considerably better.

Well that depends on your use surely? if the 0.5 stops of extra DR fall within your needs but the more extreme DR at lower ISO fall outside of them then yes this is an improvement.

Considering who this camera is aimed at I'd say this is likely to be true of a lot of users, its not going to be bought by landscape photographers pushing shadows hard.

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Hugo808: I think they've quit too soon. Sure, most of us are wedded to Canikon but new people take up the hobby all the time and there aint nothing wrong with Samsung stuff. They've just got to invest a bit more and hope for the best.

Perhaps but really I suspect that the NX1 was really designed more for the Asian market(especially theer home turf in S Korea) where they have a much more significant market share, In Europe there going directly up against higher end DSLR's in a way no other mirrorless manufacturer is.

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samhain: Sigma is making the Canon & Nikon lens dept. look like they're stuck in mud.
I mean... Just making them look BAD.
Hopefully Sigma is lighting a fire under them & they'll get up off their laurels and start building exciting lenses.

In this case there making them look like they knew what they were doing sticking to 24-70mm, this zoom range is way too small and as a result few people will buy this lens.

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RichRMA: Note the price didn't nearly triple, like with Nikon's replacement of the 80-400mm.

To be fair the old Nikon 80-40mm wasn't a very good lens, this Canon seems to be an improvement but likely not as big an improvement as the new Nikon compaired to the old one which was awful above 300mm.

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On article Nikon announces AF-S Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED (67 comments in total)
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Bamboojled: This lens really rounds out the 1.8G line!!!

Whilst we may see F/1.8 updayes of one or both those lenses(could just be the 135mm) I don't think it'll be part of the same lineup as the cheap F/1.8's, metal build, faster AF and higher price.

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)
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Frank Dernie: I think I'm going to buy one, if only to annoy the jealous-sounding inverted snobs banging on in this forum...

Ultimately I think these kinds of products have become a cheap way of people to "score points" on the net knowing that they'll be unlikely to be challenged much.

It just seems pointless to me, at least with cheaper brands people can claim why they chose one product over another in a way that could be helpful to others but we all know that very few people bashing Leica have the money to own one.

Personally I think Leica should be applauded by coming out with something that's more than just a style statement. Will it be a success? no idea but it brings more to the market than most new releases.

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