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    Ki Ki is celebrating her 19th birthday today on the 20th of May.  In human years, she would be 92 years young already. Birthday Girl Ki Ki
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    ...that were rescued from the pound. Miki Bennie Misty Toby
  • Look what iHerb just delivered to the house... :) Cat in a box - Neko
  • My cats were celebrating the Year of the Dog along with us. All dressed up and nowhere to go. :) Manny : "Every year my hooman makes me pose like this. Boring !" Bennie : "Is it the Year of Hello ...
  • Very handsome boy. I would adopt him if he comes to my home regularly for food. :)
  • Replied in Ninja Cat
    Ebony has the power to disappear into the shadows just like a ninja and become invisible at will. If he had not opened his eyes, I would have sat on him. :( Ebony
  • That's sad. Hope she will come home soon. She might still be hiding somewhere nearby. Maybe you could try putting her litter box outside the house to lure her back with a smell that's similar to ...
  • Replied in Roomies
    I wish Tara and Miki would be buddy enough to groom each other but they don’t. They are friendly enough to eat out of the same plate and to sleep close to each other only. Miki however likes to ...
  • Replied in Roomies
    Roomies Miki and Tara live in my bedroom full time currently and doesn't seems to be interested in joining the other cats in the rest of the house. They are harmonious enough with each other to ...
  • Replied in Infrared Cats
    Yes, the PL2 has been converted to shoot IR only.
  • Replied in Infrared Cats
    It's been a long time since I tried my hand on infrared photography and even longer since I shot my cats in infrared. Here's a few color-swapped images of infrared cats. Sunny the Ginger Cat Bessie ...
  • She is a Bengal. it is sad that even expensive breeds are not safe from being abandoned and put on death-row by the local pound here. :(
  • They are now working cats. They pay for their board and food by working as models for my photography shoots. ;)
  • These 7 cats escaped the death-row at our municipal pound by the skin of their teeth and are now members of the Death-Row Survivors' Club. ;) Ebony - Member since 11 Oct 16 Bessie - Member since 12 ...
  • Replied in Toby
    The group that I am working with comprises of 2 middle-aged ladies who have devoted their lives and savings to save as many of the cats on death-row as possible and arrange for them to be adopted ...
  • Replied in Toby
    Toby is the latest addition to the family. As with the last 6 cats I took in, he was bailed out of death-row at our municipal pound to save him from being put down. He is a very young boy probably ...
  • Bennie wishes one and all on Sunday Cat! a very merry Christmas Christmas Bennie Bennie chilling out
  • Misty has very distinctive black stripes on her body making her look very tigerish. :)
  • Replied in New Girl Misty
    Misty, a spotted and striped tabby barely out of kittenhood was adopted on Thursday to save her from being being down by our municipal pound. She is very young, probably not more than a year old ...
  • High maintenance Neko just came back from his expensive 'kitty spa' to remove all the matted fur on his underbelly and backside. He refuses to let me touch those regions and therefore have to go ...
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