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    Manny the Maine Coon is in his new home for 3 months now and has settled in completely. Manny in a pensive mood Enjoying a spot of morning sun
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    Her profile looked like that of my Maine Coon Manny.
  • Replied in Peaches
    Such a beautiful cat ! She's a Maine Coon?
  • Yes, any good photographer worth his salt knows that the best way to test the optical quality of any lens and sensor is by shooting cats. I always pick which lens or camera to buy by the quality ...
  • Replied in Neko aka Tubbs
    Neko is giving us his best impression of Tubbs, the famous lazy kitty in the popular mobile game Neko Atsume,
  • Mini-me is beautiful. She is such a lucky girl to have found you. What is her breed? Looks like there is a touch of Maine Coon in her.
  • Replied in Tami & Tama
    Tama the reverent .... and Tami the destroyer of kitchen rolls Tama paying her respect on the shelf of remembrance to all the cats who have left for the Rainbow Bridge over the years Tami caught in ...
  • Replied in Manny
    After 6 weeks of TLC and good food, Manny is looking like he is starting to develop a lion's mane. "I am lion, hear me roar." Like most cats, Manny is very low maintenance when it comes to toys. A ...
  • Below is a link to a morphing animated gif of Tami, Tama and their daddy Neko which gives an indication of his genetic contribution to the looks of his daughters. ...
  • Replied in Manny
    In one month and an All-You-Can-Eat meal plan, Manny has managed to increase his weight from 3.6 kg to 4.24 kg. "Am I fat ?" Manny asked
  • Replied in Birthday Cats
    Last week, Tami, Tama and Manny celebrated their 1-year birthdays and are now no longer kittens but young adult cats. Tami and Tama were born on 22 June and Manny one day later. Tami Tama Manny
  • Replied in Kobi Cooney
    Wow... Kobi Cooney is 7.1kg at 14 months ! My Manny is only 3.6kg when I adopted him and he would be 12 months old this week. He must be a mini Maine Coon. I'm trying to fatten him up now. He has a ...
  • 'Pretty Kitty of the Week' Manny is now 1 week into his new life as a beloved pet in his forever home. Manny loves his favorite mouse toy
  • Replied in Manny
    His belly and forearms had yellowish stains most likely from the cheap food that the pet store had been giving him. It is actually not so dirty looking but I had been cleaning him with cat wipes ...
  • Replied in Manny
    Manny is a 11 months old black and white Maine Coon kitten (if he can still be called that) which I had just adopted from a pet store. I'm not sure if it is because they can't sell him or if they ...
  • So sad to hear about Skye's passing. I know just how you feel. Every time a cat of mine passes away, a part of me dies along with it.
  • Replied in The Lion Queen
    She is the smallest sized cat in the household but she has attitude aplenty. :)
  • Replied in The Lion Queen
    Ki Ki is very happy to know that at the ripe old age of 17, she could still be a "pretty kitty of the week" Meanwhile, Nikki likes Simba the Lion King so much that she fancies herself his Lion ...
  • Replied in Birthday Girl
    Ki Ki celebrated her 17th birthday on Friday 20 May. She is a Birman-Chinchilla Persian cross. She is now officially the oldest cat in the house and has outlived 3 out of her 5 offspring.
  • Replied in A Pledge...
    Model: Tami Recently, there is a spat of pet abandonment and animal abuse in my country. It sickens me to the bottom of my soul to keep reading of all these cases of abandonment for the most ...
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