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On article Why make a small-sensor mirrorless camera? (271 comments in total)

France (where I live) is probably one of the countries where mirrorless cameras have the least market share in relation to DSLR's. The reasoning here is that a DSLR, even an entry-level model, will always take "better" pictures than a mirrorless camera that costs about the same. Weight and size? Well, people here also seem to think that actually carrying a DSLR conveys an image of a better photographer, not just someone taking snapshots.
The D3100 is a best-seller here in France, and I think it (and any future Nikon models in the same market segment) will continue to be favoured by French consumers. The J1 and V1 will probably take their place on the mostly ignored shelves where the other mirrorless cameras sit.
Personally, I believe the last thing the mirrorless market needs at this point is yet another sensor size. It does confuse consumers, and yes it will hurt Panasonic and Olympus significantly because of this (but not Sony).

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On article Photo Tip: Five for Five (111 comments in total)

Thanks! An interesting article and very clearly illustrated with proper pictures.

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On article Ricoh GXR Mount A12 Hands-on Preview (69 comments in total)
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Mssimo: Can someone explain Stills (Focal plane shutter): 1/4000 - 180 sec VS
• Stills (Electronic shutter): 1/9000 - 1 sec

There must be a downside to Electronic shutter, otherwise, they would not have the physical one.

"There must be a downside to Electronic shutter, otherwise, they would not have the physical one."

The electronic shutter is a rolling shutter, which can cause very strange image artifacts if the subject moves even a bit.

BTW this is one of the points that the preview barely touched upon (not criticizing - this was just a preview), and that a review will certainly go over in full detail.

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On article Ricoh GXR Mount A12 Hands-on Preview (69 comments in total)
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Blackbeard: I don't think i't aimed at the same target as NEX users. It's for people who already have an M9-M8 with several M lenses.

Possibly. But I keep wondering why a rangefinder user would suddenly switch to LCD or EVF composing, focusing and shooting. That doesn't make sense. Also if one already owns an M8 (1.3x crop factor) or an M9 (FF sensor), why would one put up with an APS-C sensor and its 1.5x crop factor?
The way I see it, this camera unit is aimed at owners of legacy MF lenses that have been put off by Leica prices (not that a GXR back, M-mount unit and EVF would come cheap, the three bought togethercost around $1250) and at the same time never tried a NEX camera (with recent firmware upgrade).
A very, very small niche market indeed...

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To Richard Butler:
First, thanks for the rather detailed preview. As usual, very well written and informative.
Now there is one point which is not clear in the preview. You indicate Ricoh removed the Anti-Alias filter in front of the sensor, and yet their own press release states: "A glass optical filter was adopted and made as thin as possible. It increases periphery image quality and suppresses field curvature."
Just as a reminder, the two previous A12 modules do have a weak, optimized anti-alias filter, according to Ricoh's own optical engineers.
Could you clarify what this "glass optical filter" is and whether it is effectively a low-pass (anti-alias) filter or not?

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