Kit Laughlin

Lives in Australia Greenwell Point, NSW, Australia
Works as a writer, director, stills photographer
Has a website at
Joined on Oct 8, 2005
About me:

I have been shooting stills (film then digital; now both) and films (film and now digital video) for 30 years (phew!). Still love it, and the digital revolution has very positively impacted on my work. Now, we can go from concept to execution all in-house. What a 'state change' in ten years.

Gear: three Panny G6 bodies for video; and an OMD E-M5 Mk II (stills and steadycam). Lots of µ4/3rds lenses, and Oly and CV lenses via adapters. Flash units, soft boxes, etc. I have no brand loyalty: I only want to be able to make interesting images.
Interesting thing is my clients don't care what gear I use either! I no longer shoot film (we do not have the Costco film > DVD scan facility here, at least at any reasonable price.

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