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You wanna pat yourself on the back. I think it was a great idea- sure some of it looked a bit "posey" ( bouquet- get it? ) but hey- they could never regret doing the video.

Great job, it actually says a lot about the wedding.



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eyedo: On the Fuji x100 I was able to get ISO 3200 that looked better than the Nikon D7000 at ISO 400.
I had even good usable results at ISO 5000.

The Canon s95 looks good at ISO 800. I've not gone beyond that.

Fast 2.0 lens on it which is nice.

I'm disappointed in Nikon's compact offerings. Which it would work-would love to use all of my SB-900's in commander mode with them without using my Pockets Wizard's when I'm on a trip.
I like to travel light. :-)

Hey eyedo- your post refers to the D7000 am I reading it correct? It is with the "D"7000 in mind that I write this. I too am in a similar position to you, career-wise. You have nailed it with your comments about the D7000 being soft and mushy. Somewhere on this site long ago, I mentioned that the D90 seemed to give more pleasing results than the D7000 ( I own both, in addition to my fx workhorses ). We make our assessments based on print resolution of large prints, A1 and up, not on computer monitor pixel peep. In relation to P7000, the enthusiasts compact- apart from being slower than a snail with a broken leg- our P7000 yields beautiful images when used within the optimum operating parameters of the camera, which amazingly aren't too constricting at all. We have enlarged some to 48x32 inch, they are about as good as a D200 from a few years bag. Outstanding tonality ands sharpness, corner to corner at 28mm f.2.8. Cheers for the post. ProShooter

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