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This camera is def. expensive from the beginning, but it seems Panasonics often get discounted more than some brands after a few months. Later in the year I'd expect at least a $100-$150 discount on sale. I'd expect a body-only option too.

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Baxter Bad: Not enough scene modes. I need "Appearance of UFO" and "Baby Has Diarrhea".

I'd be happy with a "Baby Piloting a UFO" mode :)

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"But once the cloud computing era truly dawns, a non-connected device will be meaningless" Well remember, this statement comes from a Sales and Marketing exec. so the statement is meant to market an idea and be provocative, even if it is exaggerating. Cameras and other gadgets will certainly not become obsolete just because they are not connected 24/7.

It should be all about consumer choice. I think cloud connectivity is a welcome addition on a camera to memory cards and USB cables, as long as you can "go offline" too if desired. I would never buy a camera in which the only means of transferring files is via the cloud, but if I can choose to do it that way, or to just transfer to my own computer from the memory card then that would be nice.

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Well I'm sure the specs. on this thing would make a pro. or hobbyist photog. cringe, but the idea of combining a camera (better than cell phone) to a mobile OS like Android is definitely noteworthy. Note too that it shows email and browser functions. If it can have telephony added, not just cellular data connections, then this can be a "camera with built-in phone" that should do well with the masses, especially if whatever telecom(s) carries it offers a steep discount when you sign up with them.

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I wonder if there will be a Powershot G13 later this year? The G1X is larger than the G12, has a far larger image sensor, and cost $300 more (actually $400 more with the heavy discounts on the G12 lately). It wouldn't surprise me to see a G13 with the sensor from the new S100 come out at the $450-500 price point. If the same size as the G12, it would be a (barely) pocketable compact, unlike the G1X (unless you wear cargo pants).

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