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  • 32mm f.1.4 better than all the rest of any focal length.
  • I believe that the negative to this is, that this is the reason Canon are taking so long to release another model, probably deciding if they want to make higher end M's at all.
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    Did you even read the post of that I responded to? How is what snapa posted "As I said, MILC cameras are meant to be carried in belt pouch, fanny packs, or sholder bags, NOT in pants pockets. I do ...
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    Because the person I was responding to had posted an erroneous judgement about how I can and cannot carry my camera! Nobody asked nor cares what you do or do not want to carry in your pockets. This ...
  • Canon EOS EF-M mount so you can use all your EF mount lenses w/ no loss of function or image quality using the EF-M adapter.
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    This is absolute nonesense I weigh less than 200 lbs am a normal size, 6'2", and do not understand why anyone would want to carry around some man purse to put a camera in when you could just put ...
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    I have the EOS M and 22mm and I can honestly say that I use it often as a pocket camera! It is barely bigger than my fist and I have no problem fitting my fist in any of my pockets so Yes it is ...
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    The Canon EOS M, as I wrote in my original post.
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    That is absolute nonsense, as I have posted I often pocket my MICL camera and lens in my pants pockets, it appears you have much smaller pockets than I.  He did not ask about a pocketable 18 - 200 ...
  • I am not MC Hammer, but the M w/ the 22mm fits into either the front or back pocket of my jeans, fairly tightly albeit. But the M w/ the 18-55mm fits into any cargo pocket on my shorts, jacket or ...
  • I use a Canon EOS M, it fits in my pants pockets and I love the colors. To approve a single suggestion, mouse over it and click "✔" Click the bubble to approve all of its suggestions.
  • doesn't the M-50 have a zoom auto focus point feature like my M? Maybe this feature would serve some of the same function you are looking for?
  • Has Canon ever laid out a roadmap for the EF-S? the EF? I believe they don't so competition can't "beat them to the punch" as it were.
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    The EF-M 55-200 is sharper than the EF-S 55-250 from 55-185, from 185-200 the EF-S lens starts to become a little sharper than the EF-M lens.
  • I believe the firmware update to the original EOS M was significant in increasing focus speed.
  • Canon Watch has posted a video (10/18) demonstrating the speedbooster and quote a $156.00 price.
  • Look at your photo data and find which are your most used focal lengths, then purchase a faster, sharper prime for your most used length.
  • But they make EF mount lenses that they know can easily be mounted on EOS M cameras and RF cameras. Some of these third party lenses with native mounts are no smaller or lighter that Canon EF ...
  • Let me get this right, you left the EOS-M system because you wanted an upgrade path to a system with larger sensors so you chose the M43 system??????
  • That must have been the aditude of the Samsung Mirrorless camera buyers.

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