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Sony BetaMax? It doesn't really matter how much we rant and rave here, as the business metrics will determine the future of our beloved Oly systems. After thousands of dollars and several years of shipping pro Canon equipment back and forth for calibration, never to get AF corrected between the L lenses and bodies, I dumped all of it. Stumbled across a Leica Digilux 3 and found myself photographing without regard to equipment limitations once again - freedom. This lead me to the four thirds system, a Lumix L1 and the Oly E-5 and 6 lenses and I continue to be free of thinking about the equipment. I got in on this in the midst of the decline and simply don't care. When this stuff all wears out, there will be something wonderful from Sony, Pentax or Panasonic hopefully. I do, however, hope Oly can hold on as the innovation and precision are above par. Compare lenses from an unbiased lab at if you don't agree. Four thirds will be gone soon. I'll go down with the ship!

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