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    Counsel of perfection . As any decent lawyer will tell you, it's impossible to write anything that cannot be misinterpreted or misconstrued by someone sufficiently motivated to do so.
  • That's like saying the earth only orbits certain stars. Technically true, but nowhere close to properly balanced. Sorry if you feel like a second class citizen--I see no reason why Pentax shouldn't ...
  • Stopping mass production was entirely a fantasy of PetaPixel, as several have pointed out.
  • Sounds definitive to me.  And also aligns well with my speculation earlier this morning that this could be more about the Japanese marketing chain than about the products: ...
  • Let me supply one line of interpretation: First, the fact that the news pertains to both Pentax and the GR lines means this is not a Pentax death-watch move: we know that the GR is a successful, ...
  • Exactly. What we know at the moment is that Pentax appears to be changing, to an as yet unknown extent, their go-to-market approach in Japan. But we also know that they have always approached the ...
  • IC sensor costs are determined as much by expected volume as intrinsic cost--a quality they share with software costs. Design cost, not production costs, are the main considerations. So unless ...
  • Because the phone doesn't actually work for me--it works for the network, for which I'm a commodity to be sold.
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    And since it's a MILC design and would require either additional glass to 'fix' the registration mismatch or a complete redesign, there's NO chance this lens will ever be usable for the K-mount ...
  • The question for me would be how the K-3iii uses a smartphone connection as it's GPS provider. The intent of my request would be to mimic that, just without all the baggage of having the phone ...
  • One I can clip to the strap or slip into a pocket or backback--just not have to mount it on the camera. Could use same connection that's currently used for phones, so no update to camera required.
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    So somebody has to say it: until one of those things happen, this is OT. There are other forums for Nikon and 3rd party lenses that don't come in K-mount.
  • Very nice shots, a clear subject line, and EXIF data included. Looks like you're doing everything right to me! <g>
  • That depends entirely on how one interprets the original source. I don't see these various K-3iii variations as projects under even initial development, and doubt that any of them actually are. The ...
  • Kind of surprising. In the US, passport photos must be taken within the last 6 months before the application. IIRC, that rule has been in place for quite a while.
  • Leica gets cut a lot of slack because of the name. And I concur, they wouldn't say "more than just a gimmick" with a K-3 monochrome. I'd expect it to be painted more as a act of desperation--as a ...
  • So what, a half stop? a full stop? More detail than you'd get by simply going to a K-1? The limitations seem palpable to me, the advantages marginal at best. Doubt I'll get the point of this one.
  • The number of monochrome answers really surprises me. Why not just set up a UserMode for monochrome on the standard version? It's really two questions I guess: (1) what's would be the real advantage of ...
  • Mark as correct answer. Paying for a passport photo does not meaningfully alter the cost of the trip. It's just not worth the hassle. I don't even do my own.
  • The newest SDM lenses--but they're quite expensive. The Sigma HSMs (30mm Art, 17-50mm) are silent and very fast. But the DC lenses I have (18-135, 16-85) are very fast on my K-3iii as well. And ...
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