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This actually looks pretty decent, I must say I prefer the styling of the Fuji x20 though. It'll be interesting to see how they compare.

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On article Olympus executives sentenced, avoid jail time (50 comments in total)

Classic white collar crime case. Bloody ridiculous.

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Is image stabilization even relevant on these lenses, I mean who's gonna shoot this handheld?

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Sounds like a good idea to me, and if you don't want the feature you should be able to disable it anyway.

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As long as they fix my lens, boil on

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What the hell does un-damped mean??

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That Tamron actually look sweet. Kind of hate the look of my silver 14-150 Olympus

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Wow, that's awesome

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Gj i guess. Now you just need to put out some cameras that people actually want to buy.

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WOW that is totally not very interesting

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D3200 in-depth Review (358 comments in total)

I kinda feel like the "awards" are losing their meaning. Silver award? Sure its a capable camera but it seems to me that the awards should only be awarded when the cameras actually achieve something unique, or outstanding.

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On article Just posted: Our Samsung NX200 in-depth review (175 comments in total)

In the conclusion part i would like to see more comparisons in terms of you would rate it compared to its mirrorless rivals. The 5n? the GX1? EP3? AF, functionality, features, etc...

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Why is it that hard to include auto focus Compatibility?

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Peter Evans: I'm interested in this camera only as, well, a matter of interest. As someone who earns his living from photography and, as a career-long Nikon owner, I've already bought heavily into one system and so have no intention of taking up another.

What I would like to voice here, as several other already have, is my disappointment in the 'red-top journalism' English used by DPReview in this announcement. "Put a dent in your pocket" and "the amount you'll have to scrape together" are phrases we shouldn't be seeing on a respected site such as this. It's sufficient merely to state what the new price is expected to be and leave it at that.

Finally, and just my 2 centimes on the camera system itself, from what I've seen so far, it looks pretty good to me - ideal for those photographers who hanker after a Leica system but can ill afford the Leica prices.

If you don't want opinions regarding the pricing of certain cameras why go to a website THAT REVIEWS CAMERAS???

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Stick it in the EP4, put in a newer sensor and sell it :)

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Ganondorf: What a lame response.
"Wedding season only last about 4 months here, so I photograph an average of 20 weddings per year for an average of $2,500/wedding (which totals about $50,000/year)."

So.. you practically just work 4 months a year and then go on holiday?

Well, why not then include those incomes in the calculation?

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What a lame response.
"Wedding season only last about 4 months here, so I photograph an average of 20 weddings per year for an average of $2,500/wedding (which totals about $50,000/year)."

So.. you practically just work 4 months a year and then go on holiday?

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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)

I would have liked this camera better being smaller or having a better aperture, and slashing a bit of the 26x zoom. Don't really need that much. 24-400 would have been sufficient.

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