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  • Any NEC Spectraview or Eizo CG model.  Which one will depend on budget and screen size. No photo editing software at the moment supports HDR  modes on monitors.  At the moment HDR displays are only ...
  • You should be able to get the colours pretty accurate on a iMac with a calibration device. No. The images should look the same on each screen so no. You can use an iMac perfectly well in a colour ...
  • Replied in landscape lens
    There is no 'landscape' lens.  What is unsuitable about your current lenses?  Would you prefer a wider or longer focal length?  Landscape photography does not automatically mean wide angle lenses.
  • If you aren't gaming the one built into the processor will be perfectly fine.  If you intend to play games it will depend on what games you will be playing and at what resolution.
  • Newsflash, there are many internet users outside of the USA.  Outside of the USA Apple phones are not as popular.
  • Half of internet users are not using Apple devices.  Most people don't in reality as most people can't/don't want to pay that much.  Many people even prefer other systems!
  • Set the appropriate scaling option in Windows.  GO into the PS settings and find the option to tell it you are using a high res display and you want to make the menus etc larger. I am assuming you ...
  • If you want really good monitor you will going for A NEC Spectraview or Eizo ColorEdge one.  They are designed for very accurate colours and very easy and very good calibration.  They are superior ...
  • That is because they are trying to sell you something to fix these 'issues'.  Orphaned registry entries are harmless.  They won't do anything and the reqistry as a whole takes up incredibly little ...
  • Orphaned registry entries won't have any affect.  They don't do anything.  There is little point using registry cleaners.  At best they won't have any affect and at worst they will break things.
  • What file formats is this affecting?  Do you have an import preset that increases the brightness?  Does the default settings in LR for those cameras include a brightness increase?
  • How much softening you see will likely depend on how much the image has to be shrunk to fit on your screen and the shrinkage ratio.  Ratios like 1:2, 1:4 will look better than ones that aren't ...
  • Different software will apply different scaling algorithms to fit images to the screen.  This results in different appearances as you are finding.  You can't change how LR does this.  You will ...
  • That limits you to LR5 or earlier.  LR6 - the last non subscription version - will still require the CC launcher software to verify the licence I think.  There is no difference if you download it ...
  • They are not.  They stay where you put them on your computer. You don't open, close, or save anything in Lightroom.  Edits are automatically added to the database so no saving is required.  If you ...
  • No image editing software available at the moment support HDR displays. HDR displays are only supported with video at the moment and support won't be as widespread on computers as it is on TV's as ...
  • Programs should be installed on the SSD main drive so they open faster.  That is the whole point of having a SSD main drive.  If you are running out of space on yours then you just need a larger ...
  • It is also not useful because currently no photo editing application can output HDR images to the screen.
  • I use Exiftool for this kind of operation.
  • It might be worth looking for details on LR4, LR5, LR6, and LR Classic CC so you can see what changed with each new version.  A lot will have changed since LR3. Yes it will.
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