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Jim Salvas: A Chinese company suing an American company for intellectual property theft. Man bites dog.

Lightright: So American is as pure as virgin? You guys were born to be No.1? You guys learned from European who learned from Arabean who got intellegence from greek and others. You call study steal? So you are the biggest thief in this world as mankind have been civilized at least 10000 years but your emergence is less than 200 years. If you are Aisan, do you think your banana is able to be accepted by racist? Today the conflict between US and China is due to China is the No.2 in the world rather than communism. China was more ideologic 30 years but US came to China due to they wanted to beat down USSR. Don't be too stupid.

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Jim Salvas: A Chinese company suing an American company for intellectual property theft. Man bites dog.

When saying that, have you ever looked at what your American patent hooligans have done to Japanese/Korean companies? Please travel across world to see how American are disliked by others due to arrogance. When worked in Tokyo, my boss is American, when travelling to Australian or Europe, he always says he is Canadian. He asked me if it is better to pretend being Canadian in China, I felt he is so "stupid" as I never thought that one needs to hide his citizenship when talk to Chinese as it is kind of incredible for Chinese to judge people by his country or race. I respect your loving your country and people but please don't hate Chinese just because someone whose originated from Chinese. If you like that, I believe everyone here knows that hate of 1.3 billions are stronger than that of 0.4 billions. Please keep in mind that all the races in the planet are at same level of intelligence so never think American will be #1 forever.

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Spectro: but the company are coming out with new FF $2,000+ cameras. But first time buyer are more in the $400-500 price range market.

medon78: I'm Chinese and I believe that I know much than you about how the rich treat money. The main reason of people in China buying luxury car is for status as they need give partner an impression of "财大气粗“ when meet business partner.

For people not self-employeed, most prefer "低调“ to "炫富“. In addition I lived in Tokyo for 10 years and now in Hong Kong, most people in east Asia are actually not so aggressive in spending. Working hard and saving (勤俭持家)is a tradition here.

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Roland Karlsson: Lets see. There are less than 10 buyers of this stack of PDF slides.

No, maybe there are more. Not only camera companies do buy it.

One thing is sure, I wont buy it :)

The biggest problem is that most camera makers are Japanese company but the country is old now so most companies managed by old people who are waiting for retire pension! If this report is correct, I think Chinese maker will step in camera market with Genman optics brand soon. We can't say the camera market will go up until brands like Huawei (Leica) or DJI (Hasselblad) come out.

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Spectro: but the company are coming out with new FF $2,000+ cameras. But first time buyer are more in the $400-500 price range market.

Nonsense. Even the rich don't spend 2000 without thinking. For Asian people, it is a bad habit to waste money.

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blackcoffee17: Why is that telephoto cameras on phones are always such a bad quality compared to the wide angle camera? Is it so much harder to make a 40-50mm focal length lens in such a small size? I thought it would be easier to design than a sharp wide angle lens.

larkhon: Next trend will be camera module with tele lens, bigger sensor and better ergonomics.

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entoman: Eye Af for animals would be an absolute killer feature for me - IF it works.

The eyes of animals and birds vary so widely (think snake, sparrow, rhinocerus, fly) that I think the chances of it working well are pretty damned slim.

But it may work well for cats and dogs...

sohus: it is not good to overestimate any person or company when talking new tech. Sony is not good at AI but don't forget there are other companies like Microsoft, Nvidia, etc. Sony can buy tech from them or even Google. I don't see any reason for google rejects to sell their tech to Sony but offering it for free.

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Davejl: Can't Nikon make money, or at least break even by charging to repair camera equipment that is not under valid warranty? When my extended warranty expired Olympus still serviced my camera for the cost of the parts and labor to fix my shutter - about $150. Why not maintain a presence in the country and service gray market goods - just charge for it. It would not be a significant profit center, but I would hope it would not lose money and it might help maintain market share in the country.

Marty4650: Nowadys many makers offer global warrenty for portable products. If what you said is the fact of Nikon's, they should change rather than just giving up. I think the real reason is that Nikon has big trouble in business administration. The company needs reform.

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melgross: Just go to Thom Hogan’s site. He’s the Nikon expert. He follows their inancials as well as everything else. Nikon is retrenching everywhere. Brazil is nuat on example of where shrinking sales caused them to abandon any efforts.

They’ve made it a part of their plans to cuts costs to save profits. In order to do so they’ve cut service and customer service here, in the USA. They’ve been moving customers to more expensive product lines for years. They would rather have few customers spending more than more customers spending less.

Leica actually agrees. Leica has sold their tech and brands to Panasonic and Huawei. If high end products can maintain its husiness, why does Leica do that?

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Shiranai: It would've been too good if the price was the rumored 1900 :(
I guess they really wanna know if people rather are going for a cheaper Sony a7III in the festival sales instead.

6D mark II is now $1100 in Hong Kong. The reasonable ask price for this camera with so many drawbacks should be under $1500.

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movingpictures: They dropped the ball on quite a few things - 1.7x 4K crop, no IBIS, even 120fps seems to be 720p only 😑

But still, you can’t argue that the launch lens line up is pretty sweet. Even though a 50mm f1.2 and 28-70 f2 combo will set you back over $5K USD.

Canon colors and DPAF are still huge selling points. I hope it sells well. Will push Sony and others to keep making interesting things. Like a 35mm f/1.8, c’mon Sony, that’s really all I want...

Ozturert: How many people do you think really need -6EV AF and 5000+ AF, especially at cost of $2200?

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crashpc: $2300? Well done Canon. You dropped the ball again.

ozturert: Will you still buy if DR is lower than 12Ev as 6D mark II's? Even mama camera women could find that is terrible.

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Kuzmabrik: Hmmm it looks like a golden mean. Sony and Nikon offer two cameras each: pro and for enthusiasts. The last one is cheaper but lacks some options and has a worse sensor. And Canon offers one camera with a sensor worse than "pro" but better than "for enthusiasts". And for reasonable price. I like it. And when after Nikon release I was sure that I would buy it if ever decide to switch to FF, for now I think I would rather buy Canon))

I doubt that Canon will give you a better sensor. It might be another 6D mark II which has even worse DR that a APS-C camera of years ago.

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On article Sony launches the Xperia XZ3 high-end smartphone (97 comments in total)
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Dbosch: This always surprised me. sony phone team and camera team must be isolated from each other. Xperia XZ3 looks incredibly dated. like it was made 4 years ago and locked up in a warehouse.

You are right.

Sony mobile is from Sony/Erisson which was not even operated in Japan before. Sony camera is from Minolta which was a major SLR maker and invented a lot. Sony sensor is manufactured by Sony semiconductor which is a genuine Sony.

Sony is not a typical Japanese company like Panasonic. While Panasonic camera is good but it has to adopt bad sensor and display/evf from inside group, which usually are inferior to competitors', Sony is rather open that sensor department even offers best sensors to Nikon and Apple/Samsung/Huawei and all smartphone makers who offer good camera nowadys.

Differente strategies have led two companies to two outputs: Sony has been coming back on track but Panasonic hasn't showed any signal of recovery.

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Foveonite: I saw the specs off comment section. Looks promising! Maybe Canon is here to teach Nikon and Sony a thing or two

What if Canon put 6Dii's sensor into this camera? Does it really not mattet that DR of a FF is worse than 1 inch ones?

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taruaS: It's worth bearing in mind entry-level cameras such as this and the Canon equivalent are more than good enough for 95% of people 95% of the time, yes 'pros' included. Wedding photographers would have creamed themselves for this not many years ago.

You would have been correct if had said it 10 years ago. Nowadays, touch screen, in camera HDR or even stacking, WiFi are must-be. Three dials for aperture/shutter speed/ISO are better to have. Othereise, customers from Smartphone will feel that smartphone is even better. D3500 is inconvenient while doesn't give users good experience at all. 100 bucks is enough for the above features and don't make camera expensive at all considering that high grade phones are already 1000 dollars.

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StoneJack: The most important thing (for Nikon) that as you buy the D camera (3500, for example) with kit lenses, soon you will want a better lens (though P is very good on its own). Once you have more than 1 lenses, it makes sense to stay in Nikon zone for a while, maybe moving (like me) to D7500 or even Z. So it is a popular, cheap and very good camera. With AF-P lenses, the Nikon D3500's video autofocus is actually useable even if not that good as Canon's double pixel AF. I have shot it and found to be good enough for commercial use.

Lier. I had D3400 but its af is horrible so i never used it. I had a Canon 60D which is poor at DR and i just camera for landscape when hiking so i wanted to have a smaller one with better DR. I bought D3400 but very disappointed that it doesn't have in camera HDR, no AEB for post processing HDR. The very odd things are that (1) it can't change aspect ration (2) iso change is changeable but to set to Auto i have to go back to Menu while my Canon has a Auto in ISO list!

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tedolf: Is the Live View function any good?


I had a D3400 with 18-55 AF-P lens. It is quiet for still only. The body is CDAF only so no matter how quiet lens is, video AF is terrible.

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Linerider: Im confused..
What is the point of this camera?
It has the same image sensor and processor as previous versions.

Why get this camera when you can get a D5600, D5500 or even a D3400??
Does Nikon think its customers are all idiots?

msheikh921: So do you think Nikon's cheating newbie is good virtue and will bring profit to its business in long term?

My opinion is opposite, they just push potential user away. For younger generation, they will find the internet first.

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dansclic: What about dust removal from sensor. The 3400 did not have it ?

D3400 doesn't have dust removal, no built-in HDR mode, no AEB, no Wifi.

If only Nikon didn't remove such thing deliberately, it should be a great camera to attract smartphone users.

D3500, nothing is changed, but Nikon says that number of shots has boosted from 1200 to 1500. I can only think they did some tricks again that they did when releasing D3400. For actual use, nothing should be improved.

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