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Olympus FL600R flash burning? Micro Four Thirds Talk Mar 21, 2016
E-M1 v2.0 firmware issues and bugs - Let's compile the list. Olympus SLR Talk Jul 22, 2015
M Zuiko 40-150 f2.8 vs Zuiko 150mm f2 Olympus SLR Talk Oct 7, 2014
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Is a "A picture is worth a thousand words"? DPR members who never post their pictures. Open Talk Sep 24, 2014
Tasteless looking photos from expensive cameras Open Talk Sep 23, 2014
8mm lenscap is the worst lens ever testet at DXOmark Micro Four Thirds Talk Feb 2, 2013
I have to laugh... Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 1, 2012
E1 lens release button broken Olympus SLR Talk Oct 12, 2012
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E-7 or change to m4/3 Olympus SLR Talk Sep 24, 2012
no one wants to buy my 14-35 :( Olympus SLR Talk Sep 17, 2012
R.I.P., micro four thirds? Micro Four Thirds Talk Sep 15, 2012
Steve Huff - Micro Four Thirds look Micro Four Thirds Talk Sep 13, 2012
E-PL1 = Retro Camera Micro Four Thirds Talk Jul 25, 2012
Olympus E-7 what you are expect or hoping for... Olympus SLR Talk Jul 18, 2012
Woodford wins Olympus settlement Olympus SLR Talk Jun 19, 2012
Olympus OM-D EM-5 with OM lens, any feedback? Olympus Compact Camera Talk Jun 19, 2012
The E-M5 cannot replace a DSLR. Micro Four Thirds Talk Jun 13, 2012
E7 coming soon? Olympus SLR Talk May 11, 2012
Finally someone sane. Olympus SLR Talk May 2, 2012
Now that DPR confirmed that E-M5 is a killer camera... Olympus SLR Talk May 1, 2012
why would Oly build an E7....? Olympus SLR Talk Feb 24, 2012
A pro version of the OM-D a possibility; would you be interested? Micro Four Thirds Talk Feb 22, 2012
Should Olympus& Panasonic make FF mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Talk Feb 18, 2012
XZ-1 - cheap rubbish with a big price Olympus Compact Camera Talk Dec 2, 2011
The nerve of Olympus - regarding a review of the XZ-1 Olympus Compact Camera Talk Nov 19, 2011
Could m4/3 have taken this photo? Micro Four Thirds Talk Nov 13, 2011
Conclusion re jitter and IBIS, E-PM1, E-PL3, E-P3? Micro Four Thirds Talk Nov 10, 2011
Architect Fail Micro Four Thirds Talk Nov 9, 2011
E-PL2 add on(s) Micro Four Thirds Talk Nov 9, 2011
Are candid pics really unethical? Micro Four Thirds Talk Sep 10, 2011
why can't "Panasonic" or "Olympus" just. Micro Four Thirds Talk Aug 27, 2011
You want inspiration? Here it is. Olympus SLR Talk Aug 12, 2011
Olympus studio & camera control Olympus SLR Talk Aug 12, 2011
4/3 Sensor vs bokeh vs lens Olympus SLR Talk Aug 12, 2011
e620... are they still produced and sold? Olympus SLR Talk Aug 5, 2011
Going Rogue: Escape from the Tyranny of Thirds Olympus Compact Camera Talk Jul 23, 2011
Deformed Crab - Radiation From Fukushima, Japan? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jul 14, 2011
Nice cameras, but ... Olympus's thinking looks scrambled Micro Four Thirds Talk Jul 4, 2011
E-5 stop gap until PEN Pro? Olympus SLR Talk Mar 31, 2011
Olympus-new CEO and disappointing financial report Micro Four Thirds Talk Feb 19, 2011
Supply of Glass drying-up? Olympus SLR Talk Feb 1, 2011
Great story-Lost photographs rediscovered Olympus SLR Talk Jan 19, 2011
Some thoughts on noise...(from an e-30 user) Olympus SLR Talk Sep 16, 2010