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Sad, no macro. I'll keep my old 70-200 without VC and with much better close focus.

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Photo Pete: When I first saw the announcement of Corel's buyout of Bibble I was really hopeful. Bibble 5 had loads of promise, but was seriously flawed with lots of user interface, feature and stability issues. I had hoped Corel would overcome those.

Try deleting, adding or renaming a photo outside of the software and then try showing the changes in the catalogue... there is no synchronisation option. Makes cataloguing in this software pretty useless IMHO.

Also can't get on with the layer selection tools. Very clunky implementation of what should have been an excellent feature. Needs a magic wand style selection option, or something similar.

Just checked on the highlight recovery as well. Still throwing up some nasty colour casts where lightroom and capture NX2 produce good results.

It seems as though this is a simple re-badging of Bibble 5, so if you want to get the low down on it's performance or problems then it might be worth looking at the bibblelabs support forums. Interesting reading.

For Highlight recovery, you need to go the the detail tab and click monocrome or the color clipping happens. Good point there are a couple (three or five) Bibble defaults that really need changing and I'll have to see if any got updated.

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Did anyone else read Jeff’s post on the Bibble forum before making their comments? Anyway it appears that there will continue to be a Linux solution and that is good news, but you have to wonder how plugins will work. Speaking of plugins it will be really great to have an alternative to the Adobe solution. Being able to use some of the better masking solutions from “Paintshop pro” within the Bibble RAW editing world could be a really great solution. With the bigger development environment available to support the product, we should see a bigger memory mode and maybe GPU acceleration as well as floating windows for two monitor support. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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