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User1234567890: Now people has an excuse to buy a 16K Crystal Led from Sony for just 5 million dollars.

Imagine yourself editing on a 63-foot 16K screen.

LOL ...

As someone in Architecture, the thought of a 65" digitizer-capable touch "desk" with 270dpi and 60 hz refresh is quite compelling. That's a 30x42 (Arch E size) sheet with a small space top and bottom plus 15" of space for information, palates, etc.

There's no need for the screen to be huge; just getting a print-like dpi on a close screen of substantial size would be enjoyable.

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photohp: No iPhone 9/SE 2 this spring then?

You know what I want? I want an iPad Pro mini with the iPhone 12max camera suite. I no longer have the need or desire for a traditional phone line, and I far prefer the 4:3 AR of the iPads to these 2.6:1 phones with curved edges. If it's not going to fit comfortably in my pocket, it may as well allow me to be productive. I would probably even see fit to drop $1000+ on one with an LTE radio. Phones are now only desirable because they have the best cameras.

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scotthunter: I can see the 12.9" being used in Side Car mode next to a MacBook Pro 13". You could use the iPad in vertical mode for editing images in Lightroom to free up screen space on the MacBook screen for editing tools. As a companion device it's a fantastic tool.

This is certainly an option for those people with a great deal of money and no workspace. If you must work on a coffee table, you can limp along with it. When I work, whether it's audio mixing, editing photos, or creating 3d models, a 13-15" screen - even two of them, is just painful. Normally, I run two 4K monitors on a 16 core Xeon workstation. The entire setup cost me less than $2000 - but I have the luxury of a 6 foot long desk, something so many seem to lack.

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"Olympus TG-6 review: TG-5 with new firmware" might be more accurate, or maybe "Olympus TG-6 review: this time they didn't even change the case color"

I get that we all love a new model number, but the simple fact is that this is essentially the same camera as the TG-5.

The lens hasn't changed since the TG-1, and with it the sensor is stuck at 1/2.3". The depth rating has remained constant at 15m since the TG-2, and the drop rating has increased by 1.5 inches. The new version can now be safely dropped from 84 inches, up from 82.5 inches over the TG-2. And, sadly, the performance hasn't really changed over the years either.

How far have we fallen behind in the technology battle when a dedicated camera's biggest drawback is that it's picture quality is inferior to most cell phone cameras.

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AdrianTWQ: The Insta360 One R is better. It has a 1" sensor and can take selfies, and is wider.

Sadly. Very sadly for me - I've been in the market for a new/better rugged camera for ~4 years now. I've got 3 action cameras, but none of them are appropriate for the work I do that requires rugged.

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Roman Korcek: I have an RX100 II, a Panasonic GM1 and a non-waterproof smartphone. What would be my best option if I wanted to take pictures in a pool or under a small waterfall? The waterproof housing for the RX100?
Thanks for any thoughts and ideas.

Possibly - but they also generally result in far worse ergonomics and are much bulkier. Now, that might not be an issue for your use case. I had an u/w case for a Panasonic travel zoom back in the 2010 era and it was okay, but after a couple beach trips and a cruise in the Golf of California, I far prefer the ease of use and size of the dedicated camera, even if the quality of the shots is objectively lower. YMMV, of course.

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mindcritic: I must be spoiled but quite a few of those images look awful, especially the forest image with the soft corners, watercolor smearing of foliage and blown highlights. The underwater pics did look pretty nice though.

They are awful, relative to your mid-range phone. I have a previous model and it's has been an absolute tank. I've dragged it through mud, dropped it off buildings, gone swimming/snorkeling in the ocean. I keep waiting for a new model to come out that will provide better images, but every year we get an identical camera with new firmware and a different color shell. So I'll just save my money and keep using the old one.

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Ben Herrmann: Wish, wish, wish - now if only Olympus could up the sensor size a bit. Heck, even a great (updated) 1/1.7" version - or better yet, if possible, a superb 1" sensor model.

This, with a 1.33, 108MP (S20 Ultra), and a quality 4x, protected optical zoom. Same physical buttons and a processor that can handle the data. I don't need the radios or battery-hogging GPS, though on second thought a BT release would be convenient.

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AdrianTWQ: The Insta360 One R is better. It has a 1" sensor and can take selfies, and is wider.

Action vs Rugged. This has a 4x optical zoom, a flash, and physical selection buttons. It's a completely different market segment.

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Roman Korcek: I have an RX100 II, a Panasonic GM1 and a non-waterproof smartphone. What would be my best option if I wanted to take pictures in a pool or under a small waterfall? The waterproof housing for the RX100?
Thanks for any thoughts and ideas.

Pick any "tough" series from 3-4 years ago that's still in stock and on sale. The pictures will be nearly identical and you'll save $100-200, making it less of
a financial hit should the sealing mechanism fail. There hasn't been any substantive change or upgrade (except in non-photograhic/photo quality features) in these cameras since around 2012-2014. I know because I keep waiting to replace my rugged camera that I use 98% for construction field work, but every year it's just the same camera in a different color with a slightly altered firmware.

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ChelseaPhotographer: Really, DPReview?!? SeaLife beats it by a mile!

How the zoom on that SeaLife? Does it perform well after a 2 meter drop onto concete? Rugged =/= underwater.

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But I still want one of these gars, just for the heck of it.

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snapa: I do like the flip phone design, it makes it half the size, I like that! I hope that works out for them, so others will follow that design. Phones have gotten too large lately for me, IMHO.

Yes, but will they make a wristband for the flip so you can use it as a smartwatch?

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twinfighter: I am happy that I sold my RX100 last year. The P30 Pro crushed it. And now... The new Samsung smartphone would crush it even more. There is no room für tiny 1 inch sensor cameras any more. The Samsung got a 1/1,333 sensor + perfect CPU and software

>hybrid zoom shows water painting effect in places.

So, in other words, just like my old Sony travel zooms!

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D7000ShooterUK: Nice idea but pricey!

"PRO version of pocket with different features *within the subscription.*"

Oof. Rent seeking really has taken over the world.

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Max Iso: And maybe Apple and Samsung will eventually catch up with LG? My V40 can shoot 4k/60p with it's standard 28mm (equiv) camera or it's 16mm (equiv) UWA camera, not to mention superior audio fidelity.

Samsung's Exynos was released for the S10 and can encode 4k at 150 fps in 10 bit color. It's the snapdragon that Samsung uses for US markets which is limiting performance on some of the variants.

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Ken60: I love the curved edges of my S9+........ darn screen protectors don't though !

I hate the curved edges on my Note 8, and the S7E before it. It's gimmick that breaks the UI of apps with controls or any interactive regions near the edge of the screen, makes picking up and putting down the phone more difficult, and causes the whole thing to be less durable. It sure looks stylish, though.

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Melchiorum: RED, when reselling consumer grade chinese SSD's at 20 times the price:
"This is our own stuff, we designed it, it's made in USA!"

Same RED, when dealing with backlash about their failed product:
"This is not our fault, we had nothing to do with it, it's all those Chinese!"

So they let someone else design it and it didn't turn out well. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome:

"RED is now working with a different ODM (original design manufacturer)"

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Richard B99: “Editor's note: To fully appreciate the output from this camera, we recommend downloading video files to view on your own mobile device or head-mounted-device. To do so, you'll need the Insta360 Moment app, which includes the CrystalView 8K Player (described below). It's available for Apple iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR, or Oculus Go. Download links to CrystalView-encoded files will be provided below each image or video.”

And that’s the issue with this tech. You need to get tooled up like a Navy SEAL on a mission to even begin to appreciate it. Fine if you are into cosplay but I’m not. Like 3D TV really.

What, is the $400 price point for an Oculus Quest too dear? IIRC, you need around 16k video to overcome the native resolution of a Quest, os it would be perfectly sufficient to view these things. You may have to side load the video if the Go app isn't compatible, but it's got inside out tracking so all you need is the headset and the two small hand controllers to easily manipulate in 3D.

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On article Sandmarc releases anamorphic lens for the iPhone (98 comments in total)

Wait, the whole point of anamorphic is to produce a wider horizontal FOV and a higher aspect ratio while still using the maximum resolution of the film (sensor). That advantage is completely lost when you have to computationally compress the image into the format of a fixed-pixel viewing medium, i.e. smartphone and TV screens. You might be able to capture 3840x2160 video with a wider AR, but to view it on anything without an anamporphic lens (short of an 8K TV), you'll be downsampling it.

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