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On article Nikon 1 V3 stock shortage prompts official apology (285 comments in total)

let the fools be fooled

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On article Nikon to offer D600 replacements if 'spots' continue (175 comments in total)
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Stollen1234: The Big question is..can Nikon be trusted? Is Nikon a reliable Brand anymore?

I never trusted Nikon

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On article Samsung Galaxy S5 features 16MP camera with 4K video (93 comments in total)

just wait 5 years to come and see how those at hand can last and still usable

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On article Sony A3000 First Impressions Review (621 comments in total)

design failure at back already drives me away

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On article Tamrac Evolution 9 Photo Backpack Review (105 comments in total)

For safety reason, I never buy any bag with easy-open zip towards back open space

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D1N0: Oh just get a D3200 it's cheaper and better :p


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liquidsquid: Sheesh, if you separated the body from the glass, and made separate purchases, many of you who don't want to shell out $2800 would be singing a different tune.

How much good glass out there goes for over $1K? How many FF bodies go over $1K?

Not that I am going to get one any time soon.

Sony's famous greedy pricing policy such as debute of PS3, and we shall see ...

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Debankur Mukherjee: Its very difficult to understand Nikon these days.........very confusing product lineup.......


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adrianlew: Nokia is retarded. What will a user do with a 41 mega pix? Its the quality not the size that counts... Those photos will only take space. No wonder the almost went out of business.. Same poor decision to run windows instead of android on nokia phones... I think the really should close the doors...

+1, Nokia is now really on wrong track to dying

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Frank C.: make them expensive so make them desirable school of economics

When you have millions, you will possibly never care about the price, just want to hold that brand name

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On article Fujifilm produces limited edition of 10,000 black X100s (101 comments in total)
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atakomba: Slow AF,astronomic price.. Shame on you Fuji

sticky blades problem?_ they newer recognize, not a single word about

went away from this simply the price is not justified

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for Nokia, it's too late besides with Windows phone OS on a wrong track

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On article Canon launches PowerShot SX40 HS 35x CMOS superzoom (160 comments in total)

I am waiting for this with raw file. but ...

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