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Alec: Accessible slo-mo is a very welcome development for filmmakers, right up there with similarly cheap good low-light and 2496 field sound.

But what astounds me is that smartphones aren't being left in the dust - if anything they're catching up! This is iPhone6 240p low light NYC subway:

Well...I have used the Pro EX-F1 extensively in sports teaching. The 1000 fps mode, although low resolution, has it's place, especially for extreme fast motion (like rotation of a golf club face). You don't need spatial resolution as much as temporal resolution. 240 FPS or even 120FPS is fine for most sports analysis....even at 6MP of the EX-F1. The reason the F1 is still highly valued and sells used for more than a the jog shuttle dial. This is an absolute must for evaluating motion sequences, even frame by frame. No new Casio has it and no other camera I know of has it. Indispensable. I cannot understand for the life of me why the video companies that make cameras do not get this.

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joel avery: Impressive.

I am interested in the 960fps high speed imaging and would like an alternative to the Casio FX Pro...which is 6mp, 6 years old , and still 1K to buy. Casio has very high speed recording but not full HD....and it has a jog shuttle dial. that is a huge selling point. How does this Sony stack up when playing back high speed video for sports or dance work.....when you need frame to frame control and speed control of a jog/shuttle dial?

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