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iae aa eia: "The camera's shutter is rated for 150k shots and now features a shutter monitor, which automatically adjust shutter speeds to keep them accurate."

Yeah, I think I heard and read about many people complaining about imprecise shutters in recent years, and adding a monitor is really awesome. Also, 150k? My jaw dropped on the floor and I can't put it back.

then you should read the specs of the Pentax K1, that one is rated for 300,000

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On article Sony SLT a99 II Review (1512 comments in total)

where's the bicycle test?

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No bicycle test?
for the same price i'll buy two Pentax K1's

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miles green: @dpreview
In the conclusions you state "Another point of frustration was the fact that the focus points aren't illuminated in the viewfinder until focus is confirmed, which makes it hard to even find your AF point to know where to place it in low light conditions. "
If you press the focus mode button (on the side of the body) while you are shooting, all the active AF points light up (1, 9, 25 or 33 depending on your settings). I think this is the feature you were missing?

@Miles, but that's the problem with most review sites (DPR not excluded). Every site more or less expect any camera to be like Canon/Nikon. Why not look for what is user friendly with an open mind instead with finger memory and be more objective?
I found the Pentax camera's to be more intuitive to use then the main brands. And no i'm not a fanboy, i shoot Canon, Nikon and Sony in the past professionally, but i prefer Pentax.

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On article Pentax K-1 Review (2678 comments in total)
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gravelhopper: There is not only the undifferenciated conclusions for AF. Also regarding pixel shift: why does DPR only test the limits of the system, going with its photographed subject almost beyond its stated scope of application? Your test is valid and appreciated. But why not also test with really still subjects having finest details? (the city scape picture is not suited since mostly lacking any relevant details. There are many better examples from users and other sites) Why not in addition show where Pentax implementation of pixel shift shines?

There is valid criticism, no doubt. But the sum of omissions and invalid criticisms leaves a bad taste.

the only media outlet? Then you should follow up on what wrote about the K1.
They had also a nice piece about the AF: "Autofocus performance was swift, comparing well with the Pentax K-3 II in my informal, real-world testing. (And our lab testing likewise found autofocus performance to be a strength of the Pentax K-1.)"

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latest specs from spanish site

US $2275 ans 36mp

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looks nice, but i think i stick with the 645Z and a few lenses. It has video as well :-)

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oh its getting to black friday time again and the Nikon sponsor has to be promoted again.
Get real! go back to your serious roots.

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arrr: Who asked for a D4s? *** Nikon where the heck is the D400?!

its there already, but its called a Pentax K3 :-)

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On article Phase One announces IQ250 50MP CMOS medium format back (184 comments in total)

same size sensor as the Pentax 645D, but a hell of a lot more expensive!

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if it only wants to update, indesign cc updates but not photoshop cc. piece of rubbish!

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it seems that DP couldn't handle the fact that Pentax came up first in the previous poll, so now we get a new one ;-(

its apples and pears again.

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i use a nikon, a canon and a pentax, but this will be my next camera!

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fakuryu: I really don't get this camera. I mean Pentax shooters have always been enjoying the small form factor DSLR for years, had excellent pancake lenses for years, suddenly Canon just shaved a few mm here and there, marketed it as the world's smallest (not really that small compared to the old K-m, but not taking anything away from Canon) but is lagging behind compared to its current peers yet everyone is ecstatic. What gives? Oh yeah, Pentax is not Canon.

ever tried one?
I prefer it (have dual system with a Canon)

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D7100 in-depth review (403 comments in total)

I'll think I'll wait for the next serious Pentax K? review, before buying this one. Chances are they will be using the same sensor and so far they had a better result from any sensor then the main manufacturers.

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