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maximusgeekus: They remove the display and the dimensions remain the same. Little strange that. I suppose they kept the cost down by reusing the current M shells and left empty space. It would have been really good to have seen a reduction in dimensions. Oh well I'll stick to my trusty ME.

YES, and the size of the M3 and M4 > M7

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Gabriele Sartori: I don't know who need this camera. Probably because I own a M 240 and a few lenses but I just can't understand why people need this.

People maybe don't have the money for that gear you have?
People maybe go for the 80/20 or 90/10 rule where 28mm and crop mode 35 and 50 will do?
People may think a Q is handier than a M240?
People, in general, are fed up replacing lenses and carry a lot of weight?
People, in general, are 'point & shoot' photographers.
Some people want quality and pay extra for the brand.

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Maybe it's usable for porn movies that we cropped can see the sperms?

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Interesting to read all comments here? Especially regarding the Sony RX100 3?
I also read comments why not Richo GR is mentioned?
I have a dream though, a Sony RX100 with a new house in line with GR which has the best grip among P&S cameras. I should know as having one. 28mm equivalent and need for zoom? Not necessary I think? Cropping works and we must walk close to the target för a minor background blur.
A dream of course for GR? An electronic viewfinder in par with Sony RX100.

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Cailean Gallimore: Another one for the vanity market.

According to Steve Huff (well known?) Leica will charge USD200 more than for the equivalent Panasonic, however offer more software and warranties.

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dual12: I'm not interested in a camera like this, but if I was interested, I'd buy the Panasonic. I don't see any good reasons to buy the Leica. I couldn't care less about the brand. Moreover, to me, the Leica brand stands for way, way overpriced. I consider it a sucker's brand.

Who would consider you as a fool? The fan boys of pro cameras?
Other people don't care.

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rfstudio: why is this brand still expensive when the technology is dirt cheap as it is ? what a hype !!!! you got 10 times better quality from 5D mark 3 then leica for a fraction of a price

A price is always 'right' as long customers are willing to pay the price and all items are sold. Can we price a feeling?

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