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On article Just posted: Canon EOS 100D / Rebel SL1 Review (365 comments in total)
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Kinematic Digit: I just got mine yesterday and loving it. Been testing it out with a handful of my L glass and really impressed.

For the Amateur, this is an awesome entry level, for the pro, this is a great little throw it into the smallest spot in your photobag as a back up or stick a 50 F/1.4 prime on it and use it just for portraits.

I got this as a fun walk around camera and to do double time with my 5Dmk3 as a back-up.

The new metering has been fabulous. No under or over exposed shots.

Using a Nikkor 500mm Reflex lens makes this into an 800mm equivalent stationary bird camera. AF confirm with smart adapter and the dual colour meter has not missed an exposure.

And since I have 3 extra batteries for my EOS M, this uses the same battery.

I think of it as an EOS M with an optical finder and a decent grip.

I've had mine for 2 weeks now and am totally won over,
It's just what I've been waiting for!
I've been lugging my 50D around for years whilst travelling, hiking and cycling, my aging back was beginning to make this an ordeal. I thought the Canon G1X would be the answer, but though the IQ was excellent I couldn't get on with the controls and limited viewfinder.
The SL1 has now solved all this, the 18-55 IS STM as a kit lens is amazing, I've not felt the need to use any of my L glass on it yet, though it's nice to have the option if needed.
IMO it deserves the Gold award!

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X review (508 comments in total)
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Valentinian: A large-sensor-fixed-lens-mirrorless camera doesn't make sense in my opinion due to the fast evolution of the mirrorless system. mirrorless cameras of today are much much better of mirrorless cameras of two years ago.
It's better to buy a decent interchangable lens mirrorles camera today and a couple of excellent lenses. Two short years from now you can upgrade to a much better mirrorless camera and already have the lenses. But if you buy the G1X today, what will you do with it in 2014?
The question is: don't Canon and Nikon understand that in a couple of years the mirrorless cameras quality will match the best DSLR ?

That's exactly why I bought the G1X , I'm not replacing my DSLR I just wanted something with good IQ that was more portable. I don't want the expense of buying into another detachable Lens system, the G1X suits me just fine; I'm sure there a lot more folk out there that think the same way, in my opinion that's why Canon went down this route.

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X review (508 comments in total)
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john reiff williams: Bought the G1X camera March 2. On march 6, purchased Adobe creative suites 5.5 design standard to upgrade CS 4 version for the raw converter for the G1X. If you search Adobe Photoshop CS5/ Extend: camera Raw support page (google) you will see that the G1X is in the supported camera list. This is a lie. The problem is this the latest version of raw conversion for CS Photoshop 5.5 is camera raw 6.6 which doesn't support this camera. In theory, it will come out in the next raw conversion v 6.7. There is a beta version of that raw converter available through Adobe labs. I have contacted Canon and informed them of this misrepresentation and called Adobe daily and am in an escalated case with Adobe, which is smoke and mirrors and gone nowhere. The Rock and the hard spot is is pretty simple. 1) Adobe will not make a backwards compatible raw converter to CS 4 and 2) the 5.5 version advertising the G1X raw as a supported platform is a lie. In the meantime they are Beta testing CS6 and Raw 7.

Just for info I downloaded the trial Beta version of CS6 with RAW 7, the G1X Raw files are not recognised in this either!
I only use DPP for RAW conversion but my Adobe Bridge CS4 doesn't support G1X RAW files so am unable to save them into my library without converting to DNG first.

Link | Posted on Mar 31, 2012 at 17:31 UTC
On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X review (508 comments in total)

Well, I've been using the G1X for 2 weeks now and am really beginning to love it, even with the few niggles!
Why so many negative remarks? The reason I love it and bought it is that compared to my 50D and L glass it's like carrying a feather; size and weight are relative to what you are used to!
I'm a fairly fit Senior citizen but I am finding it more and more of a burden lugging my 'Big' gear around on my back whilst cycling and Hiking, I was looking for an alternative for these occasions but still retaining excellent IQ for my Hobby and sales to Microstock. The G1X is almost the perfect answer to this,
I accept the criticisms and shortcomings but overall I believe Canon has gone down the right route with the G1X and my aging back is already thanking me!
The G1X is not replacing my DSLR just complimenting it.

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