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99ISO: What' the point of a camera with the size and price of a DSLR and the sensor of a compact?

This isn't entirely correct Shamael. These 1" sensors (especially the Sony but the V2 as well) have dramatically higher pixel density and great noise/color performance to match. Thus, although you are correct that the bird is the same physical size (hence "crop factor"), the number of pixels borne on the subject is greater in the case of the CX format vs FF. So, there is unquestionably an advantage to using them (though it comes with the tradeoff you describe). However, failure to understand this point can lead to someone incorrectly stating that the lens produces the same subject on both cameras - a point which is false and which you should not repeat.

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Looks great! Not only is this a nice traditional angle of view, but it's also the fastest lens yet for the 1 Series, which will improve low-light shooting for the family. The shallower DoF is also welcome for helping shoot interesting photos with isolated subjects or suggestive background effects.

Comparing the MTF charts shows the lens is an improvement over the 1 10mm and fairs well against the AF-S 50mm as well. Cheap and small to boot.

This will be a great addition to the 1 Series lenses and I can't wait to start shooting pictures of my family, memorable experiences, and interesting things I see around me, with mine on my V1.

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