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On article Canon launches EOS 60Da DSLR for astrophotography (225 comments in total)
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astrophotos: One of the best features of this camera compared to other DSLRs is the biggest source of heat can be moved away from the CMOS chip. LCD screens on DSLRs that are fixed behind the CMOS, after a very short period of time, heats the CMOS and induces much noise. This means the 60Da, if the LCD is opened, will not induce this heat and will provide longer exposures that are cleaner than DSLRs with LCDs having a fixed position. This camera can also be used for normal day time photos and you do not have to have a filter on every lens. You do not have to add a filter to any lens. Add one filter to your camera body for day time use to put the white balance back to normal. I have several Canon DSLRs modified and with this filter the daytime images are great: More info: I think Canon may have a very nice camera with this one. I have not heard yet, but it would be great to also have 2x2 binning!

I totally agree with you.
Regarding the Astronomik filter it is an easy way to use EF lenses for daytime photography, unfortunately an EF-S can't be used and since this is an EF-S body, well, the use of the filter would be very limited.

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