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Petka: Still no word about when this shot was taken. I bet it was pulled from stock, and shot before the digital era, maybe 2005 at the latest. So it is not a question of sudden film love, but something else.

Petka I think you're incorrect about your assumption that digital has better dynamic range and colour rendition. I shoot both and to me when shooting portraits in natural light digital can't match film in the way it retains highlight information or the way it renders skin tones and colour. There's a reason why high end wedding photographers have migrated back to film.

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plasnu: I have to say these are the horrible samples, sorry.

This Japanese site has much better images taken by a professional photographer.


I'm sure it depends on context and time.

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Marty4650: $1700? Body only?

They have to be kidding.

If the object was to make the Sony NEX7 look like a bargain, then Fuji has succeeded.

So leica charging $7000 for it's M9 body must be reasonable then? When you spend $4000-$6000 on a prime lens then a body for $1700 is cheap

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Sam Carriere: Or...if you really want video, you cold always buy a video camera -- at a fraction the price.

plus the low light performance of this camera

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