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  • Created question thread Close focus RX100 vs RX10
    Both one inch sensor but very different lenses obviously.  Which ones better for close focus of flowers, leaves, mushrooms, abstract stuff, the Rx100 iii through VA or the RX10 IV?
  • Or maybe on the TG5 stove they likely have same mechanics?
  • Created question thread Strange sound on shut down TG6
    I just received a reconditioned TG6 from Olympus.  I've been playing with it a little inside (always the worst place to play with a new camera especially when getting a tiny sensor for the first ...
  • When discussing technicalities it's easier to refer to metrics that can be clearly seen compared and measured. Even when people are voicing opinion they try to back it up with something as close ...
  • Created question thread Photographer as main character
    Does anyone know of a good fictional novel where the main character is a photographer or where photography is a main theme or subject.  I'm interested in a work of fiction, not otherwise.
  • Yeah. I don't like the stock on grip.  I have big hands and long fingers.  Those bigger grips just cause my knuckles to get closer to the groves on the lens barrel.  I've been looking for thinner ...
  • Thanks for the links.  I never knew about those shutter button things.  Interesting.
  • Replied in Miss my XZ2
    How do you like that Nikon p7700?  I ruminated over that camera for a couple years.  Even considered getting one a few months ago when I saw one used at a really low price.
  • Created question thread RX100 exterior design
    I'm torn between an older RX100 (maybe 3 or 4) and a G7Xii.  The exterior styling of the RX100 just does not light up my brain.  Are there any good articles, maybe from Sony designers, that ...
  • Turning Bluetooth off on phone worked great.  Pairing might take a little longer but image transfer is Fast and snappy.  Thanks!
  • This makes total sense.  I forgot about how Bluetooth is probably always pinging or whatever in order to intercept calls and quickly reroute to car audio. I can't wait to try image transfer with ...
  • Created discussion thread Image transfer in car
    I often take pictures on a walk before work. Sometimes in the parking lot I transfer some photos from my camera (RX-10 iv) to my Pixel Android phone using the latest version of the Sony app.  When ...
  • Replied in Miss my XZ2
    I think the xz1 would feel better in my hand.  I always hated that little selector switch where my fingers wanted to curl on xz2.  Never really needed to use it for anything other than a curiosity ...
  • My friend said he'd do it for free if I used up his purple material.  Hence the color.  I kinda like it though.
  • I have bigger hands and long fingers.  Holding the rx10 like I do is not comfortable.  I know "the proper way" is to rest it in my left hand and gingerly control with my right.  That's not the way ...
  • Olympus XZ-2?  I still have mine but battery does not hold a charge and the screen is cracked.
  • I love my rx10 and take it with my almost everywhere.  My Olympus is for when I know it's going to be bad weather and or low light. When I think of point and shoot I think of small, likely not ...
  • Is it just GAS, or is there really something special about point and shoot cameras? Versatility and portability are important to me. I'm just a hobbyist with the great RX10iv and a respectable ...
  • Created question thread Why such fast shutter?
    New olympus m5iii owner... In program mode in the house it seems to always want to stay around 1/60 of a second and 6400 iso even at 12mm and a static scene.  Given its image stable ization I can ...
  • Darn.  That is annoying.  It's a mark ii lens.  Oh well.  Maybe valid excuse to get the olympus 17mm?
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