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  • To me, Jpeg vs raw is like flying vs walking to a vacation designation.  I know I'll see more of the county if I walk across it to the ocean, but I'd rather spend more time at my destination than ...
  • My workflow is very short cycle and all mobile.  I enjoy looking for the photo opportunity, getting an image, wifi ing it to my phone soon after when things calm down, doing some quick sliders and ...
  • I don't bother with raw.  Since I'm just posting online I don't think my jpegs fall apart too much with Android snapseed edits.
  • Created discussion thread Exposing to the left with RX10IV
    Given Sony's sensor and jpeg software, is it advisable to turn the exposure comp negative a few notches and selectively up what you want in post?  In my case, I'm a lightweight and do everything ...
  • Created discussion thread Skin cut by RX 10 IV
    Anyone else's groves on the aperture ring really sharp? This evening they actually drew blood on the little knuckle of my index finger while I was just shifting my grip and holding camera one ...
  • By that you mean more than just physically turning it off?  You mean taking the battery out for a certain amount of time in order to "reboot"?
  • Created discussion thread Jumping out of playback mode
    My new rx10iv keeps automatically switch out of playback mode to camera mode seemingly by itself.  My memory card is full so I'm just trying to delete a few images and it seems to want to keep ...
  • Replied in The Sony brand
    I've read up a bit more on the Sony brand and company history. Much points to the drive to develop the best technology. To be a couple years ahead of the competition and to have the best in the ...
  • Replied in The Sony brand
    The science and psychology behind branding is robust.  Much of branding works on the subconscious level.
  • Created discussion thread The Sony brand
    Brand means a lot to some people.  For a long time I mostly was more interested in technical aspects and capabilities of a device.  However, more recently I've come to the conclusion that ...
  • What's your shutter speed here?  I know there's probably a way to grab that from the exif but I'm on mobile and not sure I can do that.  Maybe there's a way I'm not aware of.
  • I was having similar stress about cameras.  For about two years.  I'm finally settled for now with an RX10 IV.  No more worry about lens at least. But after all my stress and thought I think the ...
  • So if it saves the middle, and these two are so close, does that mean I might have done something wrong, like had spot metering on something bright? Or do these two look different enough?
  • The two pics here
  • Created question thread In camera hdr vs post RX10IV
    How well does Sony in camera HDR work against common independent HDR options?  I took a few a couple days ago.  It sounded like my RX10 IV took two exposures for the HDR shots.  If that's the case ...
  • Back up and zoom in.  Keep aperture at f4.
  • And same flower with my silver car parked on the driveway behind the flower for the silver background.
  • This is from a huge crop.  I don't know how to tell how much I cropped, but it's down to like 1300 pixels across.  1.7 megapixels.  I like the way it looks on a small screen, and that's good ...
  • Thanks! I like the bokeh (?) This gets at 600 equivalent at f4 So I'm about ten feet away for most of my flower pics.
  • It's much better in low light.  I'm not a pixel peeper and don't mind the noise at 3200.  Looks like film grain to me, but I have the advantage of never having had anything to do with film other ...
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