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On article Under pressure: Canon vs. Nikon in a hydraulic press (293 comments in total)

The video was a good chuckle. The comments are really grumpy as usual. So much indignation.

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digilux: http://www.alteredimagesbdc.org/national-geographic/

I like the last sentence best:
Although lesser discussed, Gahan reportedly paid the men to repeatedly ride across the frame to get the photo he wanted.

I suppose if you twisted the thinking a bit, having them ride back and forth could be extrapolated to mean one attempt was considered better than the rest.

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Good to watch a video showing the major pieces of this impressive lens. Amazing number of pieces in it, an engineering marvel.

Its a very nice lens with an extremely hefty price-tag that took a very long time to deliberate over. A near perfect lens for sideline sports shooting and for my uses as a wildlife lens, it really delivers flexibility that isn't possible with one long telephoto prime and external TC 's. Had the Sigma 150-600 Sport been available at that time, it would have been a very economical contender. The IQ from the Canon 200-400 is excellent. Not quite as good as the Mark II primes, but still exceptionally good. When it comes to getting 'the shot', the flexibility of the zoom plus instantly switchable TC allowed photos and video others couldn't get as easily.

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In the video, Ansel suggests he has far better images but people seem to really like this one. I think this was one of those images he saw at the instant he put his foot on the car brakes, but was never quite as happy as every second struggling to get set up, lost some of the intrinsic qualities he had to later work hard in his darkroom to recover. As time passed upon much reflection he darkened the sky even more to further convey and concentrate the mood he felt when he first put his foot on the brake.

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Nick Brundle - Photography: Don't get carried away.....
Watch this first and then decide who the winner is

A search-engine query for 5DSr and wildlife pulled up several photogs who said good things after trying it for wildlife. That doesn't mean its a perfect wildlife camera for every situation, however there are many times where 4-5 fps is perfectly adequate. Would it be the best choice if you could only have one camera body? For myself no.

Being a member of CPS is quite different than being a paid Canon professional. I may have misunderstood you, but a paid Canon professional would be someone paid by Canon for their professional work. In the case of CPS, that is quite the opposite. One pays Canon for the privilege of receiving loaner equipment and repair services from Canon. Unlike Nikon, my understanding is that no level of CPS is free. Now if you were someone like Arthur Morris, Canon designates you differently, giving you free support services in exchange for your undying loyalty to their products.

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Nick Brundle - Photography: Don't get carried away.....
Watch this first and then decide who the winner is

Where is the joke?
More megapixels doesn't mean you're absolutely required to use a higher shutter speed, unless you plan on capturing more detail of a moving subject (or lessening the effects of camera shake) than a lower pitch camera. Pixel-peeping a higher pitched image will reveal those minute variances but that doesn't mean you lose detail by shooting with a higher pitch camera. Therefore a 5DSr shooting at 1/2000th would capture just as much detail and quite potentially more than a D5 camera shooting at 1/2000th.

Yes, a 5DSr can be used for sports/action photography. Do you realize that the pixel density of a 5DSr is quite similar to a D500? The AF system in the 5DSr may not be quite as good as a D500 but very similar to the 7DII. Certainly you won't have the frame rate of a D500 but you will have the same ability to capture as much detail with the 5DSr as you would with a D500 at the same shutter speed.
They are not paid Canon photographers? Where did you get that from?

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Camera Joey: So, does the 80D focus better than my brother with ADD?

You guys that don't pronounce the "t" in eighty... It must be the ADD.

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So much negativity oozing from the reader comments.

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About time! Big Brother will mandate an implanted version in all citizens and will include streaming video/audio/coordinates/health-vitals so that proper order can be maintained in the empire by all citizens. No more wondering who dunnit. Secure access to locations no longer require archaic retinal scanners as GIS citizen's location is always known, their present health status along with monitoring any hanky-panky activities.

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A few years ago I asked for such a feature on a Canon forum along with a flip-screen. Both were soundly rejected by the fanboy zealots. It's nice to see Nikon is proving that both are exceptionally good ideas on the D300s replacement. Too bad Nikon didn't openly consult with us here on DPR about how we'd like to see the auto AF fine-tune to function. The feature seems to be designed in the lab without much input from the user base. I'm confident Nikon will improve it over time...

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On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (722 comments in total)

As crusty, old, never satisfied photographers, DPR should give us all an array of color intensity sliders that we can individually adjust the site to our own particular taste.

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Trying to appease these grumpy old men is a futile task. The delivery is a bit dry and a bit disjointed but it was still well worth watching.

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On article Delayed: Nikon Japan pushes D500 to end of April (139 comments in total)

It'll be a real disappointment if after the delay(s) the product has any QC/design defects. Fingers crossed..!

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (617 comments in total)

So, will DPR provide a proper in-depth review of this flagship camera?

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On article Here at last: Nikon announces D500 (1175 comments in total)
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sunnycal: No built-in flash is a bummer. Now photographers need to carry an external flash or the wireless module for wireless control. Having a built-in flash is great advantage in a lot of scenarios.

Why do you have to tape down the built-in flash?

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On article Happy Holidays from dpreview! (119 comments in total)
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BeaverTerror: Another vote for the black background. The reason you only hear complaints about it is that people who are satisfied with it do not write to you.

The black background is best. Please do not change it. My eyes hate white background.

Link | Posted on Dec 26, 2015 at 13:31 UTC
On article Happy Holidays from dpreview! (119 comments in total)

Seasons Greetings to all at DPR. Thank you to everyone for all their hard work.
May I suggest one resolution for the new year? Please review flagship cameras. There are enough non-professionals who believe nothing but the best will do, who have purchased them in the past. Prospective buyers should be able to look to DPR for such reviews. At the very least, it develops and subsequently shows a broader depth of maturity towards the upper end of camera users. Even the flagship models need critical performance reviews.

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NeilJones: It's a shame that drones will pretty much be banned in most airspace by end of 2016!

My understanding is that there are new FAA rules (which only apply to USA), but nothing about banning drones in most airspace. Likely other countries will have similar rule restrictions but certainly not a ban in most airspace. How did you come up with that statement?

Link | Posted on Dec 11, 2015 at 16:25 UTC

It's nice to see the giveaway contest includes countries where the giveaway is permissible by law.

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