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bobbarber: I dunno.

Max makes his case well, but the self-righteousness factor is a little too high for me. There's nothing to argue about legally, but often when people take work like this they aren't thinking in terms of theft. That doesn't make it right, but there's no need to go full death-battle snarky mode either. Just correct them, and stay courteous.

Here's a weird analogy. You earn income from trade of services, which you're supposed to report to the IRS. So if the neighbor brings your kid home from soccer, that's income. You can figure out what it is pretty easily from checking UBER rates. Everybody report that? Didn't think so.

I mean, charge your $25, but tone it down a notch.

Disclaimer: I don't make a living from photos. If I did, I'd probably have a different take.

Max sounds self-righteous? No, really he's sounding indignant.

Link | Posted on Jul 14, 2017 at 15:24 UTC

Max did the right thing and didn't back down. Yes , the company used his photo without permission, but... I think Max is wrong to suggest they intentionally tried to avoid payment when he pointed out to us the reader how his photos have a copyright notice. At the end of the article he said that several companies came forward to pay for use of photos he didn't even know they were using. It would appear they all suddenly realized that Max was playing hardball and would be publicly shaming them if he found out, so quickly opted to preemptively pay. They obviously had previously unintentionally intended not to pay since so many give their photos away for free and they were all quite willing to not pay unless it was demanded.

Social media doesn't give companies the right to steal your photos, particularly for their profit. Regardless if you are a professional or a young person using your smartphone to photo or video something which companies use to assist them in making a profit directly or indirectly, you deserve compensation.

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ppage: Too many drone owners think they have rights but not responsibilities. At every entrance to Death Valley National Park there are signs telling people it is not permitted to fly drones in the park and yet when I was there for a week in January I saw a number of people flying drones, including one right at Zabriski Point. These selfish people are going to ruin the experience for everyone else. At some point one of these idiots will accidentally bring down a passenger plane and then drones will be outlawed for private use.

What experience is being ruined by allowing drones in the National Parks? Would it be the same one as allowing sightseeing helicopters to fly in the National Parks?

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oldfashioned: good thing. but then again this is for what? to use a canon 400mm 2.8? that's a 10K USD beast , not gonna spend that kind of money to use it "adapted" at 10% of its potential LOL. just put a 55-210 and have fun, after all it's not like the A9 was about to shoot "sports" for reals, no? it's family "sports", and kids right? so....

@T3 - calm down? Perhaps you're also overreacting a wee bit. Yesterday the a9 couldn't use the long Canon glass. Today its a bit better but not stellar using Canon glass with an updated Metabones adapter firmware. It's a moving train which at some time will pull up to the Sony glass shop and there will be Sony glass. In the meantime its a sport-action camera without any long sport/action glass. Any camera can be used for anything but that's not what the a9 was promoted to be. Its too bad the adapter can't work as well as one would wish. I'd really like to get an a9 but it doesn't offer any advantage over the Canon gear if it doesn't have the long glass to work with it. I've talked to the Sony rep and I'll likely try the a9 with Canon glass and an updated Metabones adapter but if it won't do the 10 fps as well as native glass at 20 fps, I'm not convinced there is any incentive to shoot Sony a9.

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On article 4 times when a Hail Mary might be the right move (102 comments in total)

Not for all examples but many would have possibly benefited from using a flippy-screen?

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riknash: Can someone explain the little circle in the top left of the photo? How can everything else be wavy but it?

Oh , I get it now. It's a scanned image and the scanner was hit after it had scanned the crater, vibrated for a while causing the wavy pattern and then the vibration was absorbed and the waves diminished.

Link | Posted on Jun 4, 2017 at 16:14 UTC

Can someone explain the little circle in the top left of the photo? How can everything else be wavy but it?

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Enjoyed the video. Too bad drone laws in Canada are so draconian. Not allowed in National Parks, Provincial Parks, 9km of any type of airport/helicopter pad, people, structures.

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On article Steve Huff: 'Why I love my Micro Four Thirds System' (60 comments in total)
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clack: I no longer get crazy excited with new DPReview posts because today almost ALL photo review website articles are fantastic and can in reality, tell us anything we need to know. I do not see much in the future that will truly make me jump up and down and get crazy excited, like some posts used to do for me, but hey, you never know. Even so, if you want a real article, one that reads well and reads all the time and is a joy to scroll through there will never be a replacement for that feeling for many of us. But man, there are so many great photo review sites out there today.

To those who discount DPReview you should not until you try a nice current post with good content. It is capable of just about anything you may want to read sans criticism and biting the hands that it is fed by. Other than that DPReview illustrations have pleasing color, and pop and always bring a smile to my face ; )

Steve still gets excited and plugs the latest drone toy.

Like anyone who constantly plays with new cameras, it gets old when they all come with cup holders, uhmm I mean built-in stabilization and provide a well designed user interface.

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On article Before and after photos show Big Sur landslide (21 comments in total)

There's some buildings to the right of the slide area that were spared. Any casualties?

Link | Posted on May 28, 2017 at 02:53 UTC as 4th comment
On article Before and after photos show Big Sur landslide (21 comments in total)

I got distracted, never saw the photos and instead read an article about how Iceland is overrun by tourists. Never did see any photos. Guess I gotta go look again. Darned short attention span!

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On article Watch the Sony a9 track a fast basketball (74 comments in total)

Why the need to use that external display recorder?

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On article Canon will add C-Log to the EOS 5D Mark IV for $99 (464 comments in total)

My guess is the hardware is simply an aluminum heatsink to address the heat created processing, to weight the video as C-log.

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On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1908 comments in total)

What an exciting set of camera specs. Is it better than a D5 or 1DX II? Hope the review does a decent comparison with them along with illustrating how this body will exceed the C&N is all areas including durability. Does it have the weather sealing and built like a tank characteristics required to survive the outdoor lousy weather it needs to withstand?
I don't want to pay $6,000 CA for the body.
Battery life is still very diosappointing.

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On article Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.10 and ACR 9.10 now available (65 comments in total)
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Manzur Fahim: I have updated the LR. Now everytime I want to edit a photo from LR to PS, it says PS needs new raw converter 9.10. Fine, downloaded and install that one too. But LR still doesn't see it and keep asking everytime I want to edit in PS from LR>edit in...

Uhmm, you're the public beta test of release code.

Link | Posted on Apr 12, 2017 at 22:53 UTC
On article Extremely dramatic video touts Canon's CMOS technology (196 comments in total)
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RyoHazuki224: Haha, I like the last message about their sensors being able to pave the way for a prosperous society.

The fate of the WORLD lies with Canon CMOS sensors, didn't you know??!??!?!

Dramatic CMOS video is dramatic!

The implication is that many applications which will advance our society are based upon having excellent artificial sight, like those in the medical field, or surveillance, military, automotive industries.

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On article Extremely dramatic video touts Canon's CMOS technology (196 comments in total)
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HB1969: I couldn't see the moonbow in this video, could anyone else?
Another thing: I was curious about the 250mp sensor... I wonder if it's worth combining the output of 4 colour pixels to gain a "single" true colour pixel. You would still end up with 62.5mp resolution but I wonder if the effect would be similar to the foveon sensor (different tech, I know)

Yup, I could see the moonbow. It's a video in near total darkness.

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On article Extremely dramatic video touts Canon's CMOS technology (196 comments in total)
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Playright: Was anyone else confused by the "Canon made pixels bigger to catch more light" and "Canon made pixels smaller to catch more resolution"?

Nope. Bigger pixels for light sensitivity, smaller pixels for more details.

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elsen029: Suits them well!

but... ' Both were sentenced to 7 days in jail, fined $2,000 and ordered to perform community service for Yellowstone Forever.'

Forever? Life long community service?

It's all gonna blow one of these days and that'll take care of Forever.

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On photo Leafless Tree. in the Supermoon! challenge (22 comments in total)
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riknash: This photograph of the full moon is much like I also envisioned. The technical aspects to capture both the foreground tree and the moon in detailed focus using f/8 at 500mm on a 35 mm sensor according to my DOF calculator would require a distance from the tree of about 1000 meters. Perhaps one could get closer to the tree if they allowed the tree to be at the near focus point of 685 meters.

Assuming an uncropped frame, the minimum distance to get both the moon and the tree in focus with a 500mm lens on a 35 mm sensor at f/8, is well over 680 meters. Would the tree remain that size in the frame?

Link | Posted on Dec 7, 2016 at 15:08 UTC
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