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  • There could be one more contributing factor. m43 format has a 4mm sensor stack. Meaning, after passing through 18 to 22 elements inside the lens, the light must pass additional 4mm of glass placed ...
  • Just curious. Did you happen to have any filter attached to the lens? I learned hard way not to attach any filter to my 40-150mm, especially any cheapo stuff. Cheapo CPL = resolution goes down to 4 ...
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    It works. I tried it. The only drawback is that once you return back to 4K25p, the camera totally resets. Images start at P1000001 and all the user settings are gone. It has nothing to do with ...
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    I watched the video and concluded that he could not be unbiased more. A very honest review. In fact, I think that he'll eventually switch to GH5s if it gives him equal low light footage at super ...
  • It will not be a stills camera. It'll be a 4K camcorder in GH5 body... :-) A very specialized tool for filmmakers who only need 4K output.
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    I tried hard finding the video on YouTube but could not find it. Basically, a group of young US hikers goes on a hike. The guy is a long Sony FF user and gets a new GH5. So he is comparing both ...
  • Can a m43 teleconverter cover the entire area of 4x m43 sensors next to each other?
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    Without knowing particulars of the case, can you rule out a FF camera with much better high ISO performance was able to capture traces of aurora that a m43 was not able?
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    Beautiful! Even a cell phone can capture Aurora on Iceland.
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    There is a video up there on YouTube. A guy tries his new GH5 and compares to his full frame Sony camera. He is super excited about GH5 but has to acknowledge that he only was able to capture a ...
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    If you can't capture aurora borealis because of too small pixels (often a case with m43), no downsampling will ever help you. You will only get a downsampled photo of an uncaptured aurora borealis.
  • Yes. No problem. Because it will be a model primarily designed for video makers. So all they care about is 3840*2160 in 16:9 mode, which they get out of that sensor @120 frames per second in 10 bits!!!
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    It is not that simple. First, you must capture something. Small pixels will never be able to capture minute traces of light and the detail coming with it. So, downsampling a region containing no ...
  • Yes. Excellent combination. Highly recommended, especially when used with plenty of light. IS is inferior, though. GX8 has a "primitive" IBIS unit that can not match G80, GH5 or G9.
  • Here we go. The new low-light version of GH5 will probably use this new multi-aspect BSI 10MP m43 sensor made by Sony. ...
  • Let's not forget. Unlike PenF, EM1mII or GH5, GX8 does have a low pass filter. You can see that it is a double edged sword. In terms of resolution, GX8 is not able to squeeze as much detail out of ...
  • dPreview cooked both GX8 review and GX8 chart shots. At that time, the model was not fully supported and their RAW images show extensive noise which is not really there when you use today's software. ...
  • Thanks for this. As a GX8 owner, this one again reaffirms my decision not to hurry to the store to get a G9. GX8 holds its ground against newer 20MP flagship models. This is interesting, isn't it? ...
  • They will announce a new format: Macro Four Thirds. Basically, size of four m43 sensors. Keeping the 4:3 format and developing a speed de-booster to allow using all those existing micro 4/3 lenses.
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